D-Day Global Campaign

Flames of War Global Campaign

Welcome to the D-Day: Global Campaign. For the next six weeks, you will fight for your chosen side to secure victory in one of the great campaigns for the war: the D-Day landings at Normandy and the liberation of France.

The Allies will land on the beaches and descend from the skies, week by week advancing up the three lanes to wrest France from the grip of the German war machine.

Axis forces will fight tooth and nail to hold Fortress Europe and protect their conquests from the advancing Allies.

To win, your side must fight over the weeks to earn points towards your side as you inch ever closer to victory.

Each week, we will update the Campaign Map to show the progress of the Campaign, and tell the story of the battles fought through news bulletins and featured battle reports both here on the Campaign site and on the Flames Of War site.

All that’s left then, is to wish each side the best of luck in their efforts.

Good luck, fight hard.



  • Red Beaver says:

    With the first weeks fighting almost over, it looks like the Allies have gained a foothold in Normandy. Now is the time to expand inland and drive the Germans back to were they came from.

  • Guderian67 says:

    Thanks guys. My first opponent may or may not be signing up but it’s good to know that my report will be valid either way.

  • Leifurs says:

    My first battle-report was for a battle against a player that has not signed up for the Global Campaign.

  • Oberst Nagten says:

    the battle report will accept reports that are with players that don’t choose to play in the campaign

  • flipper72 says:

    Ready for my Hell on Wheels to get rolling. US Armor all the way. Thoughts my list is 100pts.
    HQ 2x M4 Shermans
    1 Plt. 5x 76mm shermans
    2 Plt 5x Stuarts

    HQ 2x Stuats
    5x Stuarts
    5x Stuarts
    5x Stuarts

    3 Plts of m10’s 2x each plt. with security section.

  • Guderian67 says:

    Here’s a question: Do battles logged here have to be against others who have signed up for the campaign, or can I fight a battle against someone who has not interest in the Global D-day thing and just wants to play some Flames, and write up the report for the campaign? I ask because I noticed in the Battle Report template that the box for opponent is mandatory; will it accept only names in the system, or will Joe Bloggs do?

  • Oberst Nagten says:

    Welcome back, Red Alert, thought I recognized your deft hand

  • vapian says:

    For freedom, Old Glory and liberating Europe.

    Team America checking in.

    And the best bit? We have Lucky Strikes, M4 Sherman (Detroit’s Finest) and M1 Garand rifles supporting our Allied Forces

  • Noyjatat says:

    First week has seen some fierce encounters judging by the Battle reports.

    What day and time does the encounter track move for the campaign?

  • All American says:

    All American* checking in 😉

    *Formerly Red Alert of WARPAC.

    Always with the good guys!

  • Commander McG says:

    I’m totally new to this, but really excited. I’m going to print out the Normandy terrain tomorrow to play tomorrow night.

  • Recce Forever says:

    Looking forward to have my Shermans rumble into Caen next weeks

  • Gale says:

    Eager to see what kind of events show up in this campaign and I love the weekly news stories!

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