D-Day Global Campaign

Flames of War Global Campaign

The dust has settled, the roar of the guns has died down, and both sides have fought to a standstill. Now, the Campaign has come to a close and the results speak for themselves. What a Campaign it’s been!

We’ll spend the next few days crunching numbers and checking over all the battle reports before the Grand Prize Draw next week. Every Battle Report entered during the course of the Campaign will be counted as an entry into our Grand Prize draw. If you registered as part of a Club or a Store, your Club or Store will go in to win our massive terrain prize, with one entry per Battle Report recorded by one of its members.

If you didn’t enter as part of a Club or Store and instead went stag, you’re going into the draw to win an Army Deal of your choice.


Until then, thank you one and all for serving in our grand D-Day: Campaign. The battles have been incredible, the reports detailed, and the outcomes surprising.


  • Recce Forever says:

    Great Show, thx for organizing

  • All American says:

    It has been a good run 🙂

    Thank you boys for a fun campaign!

  • Mitridates_VI says:

    Congrats for the initiative! Great that the campaign included tanks battles,so smaller and faster games could be included!
    Was really fun to read all those battle reports, and seeing players from around the world getting together to push their faction for the victory.

    And so nice to have so many support and nice feedback from players to the battle reports posted.

    FoW and Tanks community is truly amazing!

  • apella says:

    I agree with my comrades in arms above. I would love to see a mid-war desert campaign like this. I think it would be a lot of fun and get to play with the toys that weren’t all that BIG.

  • ZP says:

    Thank you for this moement ! And MANY THANKS for could playing with the game TANKS !

  • Ruchey says:

    Thanks a whole bunch for doing all this! It really got a lot of energy pumping through our club. Please do this again. I’d love to see Mid War desert stuff myself, but Market Garden or the Battle of the Bulge or any combination post D-Day would also be spectacular (and probably better fall with model releases)

  • Capt. Bonjour says:

    Thank you for running this,as a club we had a blast & gave us a chance to play alot of new battles.
    In the future can you do a desert campaign as most of our club is geared for midwar. Some of the boys would love to get the Italians on the table!
    Next campaign, count us in!

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