D-Day Global Campaign

Flames of War Global Campaign

The 75th Attacks

VS United States
Chad Underdonk

75th Panzer Kampfwagon:

Company of:
5 pzr4
2 tigers

Panzergrenadier Co

Stug plt

17 Sherman’s
6 priests
Spotter aircraft

The 75th was finally directed to spearhead an attack on the city of Lorient. High command expected little to no resistance however that was very wishful thinking on their part…
Turn 1:
Lead elements of the 75th crested some rolling hills and the city of Lorient came into view of the Panzer 4s and the Tiger tanks. Everything was quiet no movement in the town and it seemed high command was finally getting its intel straight. However all hopes of an easy land grab were dashed by a fast moving platoon of Sherman’s on the left flank and two full platoons of priests following close behind.

The 75th commanders gave orders to the 88s to fire on the priests before they could get to cover destroying two units. The panzer 4 plt was ordered to counter and meet the flanking Sherman’s head on on the left flank. A platoon of grenediers arrived and were ordered to take the town and defend in place. Tigers held center by one of the towns bridges.

Turn 2
The Americans suddenly have two more platoons of Sherman’s on the right flank bearing straight down on the 88s and the nebel platoons! They head straight for the exposed nebs and for the 88s in the forest. Massive amounts of shots strike the their positions but somehow they all survive. The town is shelled by the American artillery and half of it is turned to rubble. Left flank shemans hold there ground after seeing that the panzer 4 ply are immediately maneuvering to engage.

German tigers see an opening through the hills and trees and fire at the oncoming shermans to desperately defend them and the objective, they bail one and leave another burning. They maneuver after firing to take a move defensive position for the objective under threat. Panzer 4 platoon takes high ground and fires at Sherman’s to no effect. Infantry holds positions in city for fear of massive arty barrage. 88s fire on Sherman’s hitting 4 but only liked one. No reserves this round.

Turn 3:
Left flank Sherman’s maneuver and take firing positions at pzr 4s firing and bailing one. Right flank Sherman plts pound the nebs and 88s killing one 88. 105s fire on city again killing a grenadier section.

Tigers blitz and move to face oncoming Sherman’s head on firing killing one and bailing one. Another plt of grenadiers races for the protection of the woods to defend the objective. Stugs arrive and support pzr4 plt. 75th panzer 4 co and xo arrive and take tiger initial positions. Left flank pzr 4s and stugs fire at Sherman’s pushing left flank killing one and bailing one.

Turn 4
Two P47s swoop in after the cloud cover vanishes. They set up an attack run on the tiger platoon but fly off without releasing any ordinance. Sherman’s run from tigers to engage pzr4s and half tracks. They fire for no effect. Sherman’s attempt to attack stugs and pzr4s on left flank and fail to score a hit. Priests shell town again failing to kill anything.

Tigers fire point blank killing two Sherman’s. Remaining 88 gun team flees the hill and the field. Right flank grenadiers attempt to blitz and set an ambush but fail and are seen by the remaining shermans as they enter the forest. They fire a faust for no effect. Grenadiers in city move across town square and take positions in intact buildings. Left flank pzr4s and stugs fire at remaining Sherman’s leaving only one on left flank. Panzers and stugs advance after firing. Right flank grenadiers assault remaining bailed out Sherman near forest losing a section to defensive fire from another Sherman plt. However they capture the last sherman in the plt, win the assault and push forward onto hilltop capturing two more tanks.

Turn 5
Last of the Sherman’s on right flank blitz off of hilltop and strike a massive blow killing the 75th armor commander in a pzr4. Sherman command section fires on grenadiers in city killing one section.

Tigers rush to avenge their commander killing one leaving on. XO fires point blank on Sherman missing both shots. Right flank grenadiers move to assault last right flank Sherman. Grenadiers in city move to assault Sherman command section. Left flank stugs and panzer 4s fire on remaining priests leaving one. Match before assaults are made.

Thanks to Chad for another great game and lesson. Sorry no pictures was insanely focused on the maneuver of this match since it was my first attack map and didn’t even think to take any. Hopefully I described it enough for you all. Had Lots of luck only saw his P47s once and they never ranged in. Thanks again to Hard Knox Games for a great community of players and instructors in the nuances of Flames of War!

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