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VS Axis

Turn 1:
Setup Axis:
Tiger I platoon w/ XO and company commander in Panzer IV’s set up on hill top. One platoon of 8.8mm AA guns in ambush.
US forces spread out along closest boarder to objective. Consisting of Sherman’s, Sherman 76s, Stuart’s, and Priests.

Allies blitzed forward to bridge and to rivers edge firing and missing axis tanks in woods with 76s. Also priests ranged in on axis controlled hilltop.

German tanks fired destroying a 76 and making other 76 and XO bail.

Turn 2:
Majority of allied units became bogged down at river attempting to ford the river. 76 crew bail into vehicle but no shots were made on German tanks. Priests ranged in on this turn.

German tanks fire and another 76 is burning.

Turn 3:

Allies continue to stay bogged and artillery continues to harass German tanks with hits but to no effect. Allies receive platoon of m10s and fired at XO for no effect.

German 88s open up from close range on remaining Sherman and a long shot on a priest. Destroying US CO Sherman. XO Panzer 4 blitzed to support 88s. One tiger I and Company commander panzer 4 blitz to bridgehead toward bogged Stuart’s. One tiger gets bogged in woods on top of initial hill. Company commander fires at priest and sets it ablaze. Forward tiger I bails platoon commander for 76s.

Allies retreats and consolidates at start of turn 4, axis victory.

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