D-Day Global Campaign

Flames of War Global Campaign

Catastrophe at Lorient

United States
Abe Attack
VS Axis

US force
3 Sherman 75s
2 Sherman 75 HQs
1 parachute rifle platoon

Axis force
3 Panzer IVs
1 Panzer grenadier platoon (with one extra Panzerschreck team)
2 Sdkfz 251s
1 Panzer grenadier HQ

Note: I added an M20 75mm recoilless rifle to my parachute rifle platoon. I know that’s not technically legal, according to the rules, but, after all, “He who has the most fun wins.”

The US paratroopers trudged across the muddy field. They were approaching a crossroads, where they would meet up with the rest of their company. Little did they know that the Germans lay in wait only a few hundred yards away…

The battlefield.
The M20 recoilless rifle.

Turns 1-7

The first casualties.
A Panzerschreck at work.

The Sherman HQ surged down the road, and fired at the Panzer grenadiers. The German infantry shot at the US paratroopers, but they failed to kill a single unit (rolling 6 for firepower). Meanwhile, the Panzer IVs attempted to get a shot at the Sherman HQ, but to no avail. The Shermans, seeing an opportunity, pulled out from behind the house and, together with the Sherman HQ, killed two Panzer IVs. One German infantry was also killed. The remaining Panzer IV killed a Sherman, and then refused to be killed for several rounds. Meanwhile, the Panzer grenadiers, supported by the Sdkfz 251s, ferociously attacked the US forces at the base, killing several infantry and one Sherman HQ. After a long struggle, the Panzer IV was finally eliminated, but the Allied forces at the base were dwindling. The final confrontation was imminent...

Catastrophe strikes!

The Germans charged forward, and the Americans stood up to meet them. Suddenly, the ground began shaking. Both Panzer grenadiers and US paratroopers were frozen in shock. Then the world turned upside down. Tanks flew. Infantry tumbled into the void. Trees were overturned.

I went upstairs for a few minutes, and when I returned, I found my game a shambles. Units had been scattered all over the floor. Terrain had been uprooted. Chaos reigned. Apparently, some of my siblings thought my game table was a tent (there was a terrain cloth on it, so maybe that tipped them off), and they had crawled under it.

In the wake of this tragedy, all petty quarrels are forgotten.

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