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The Battle of Versainville: Day 2

United States
Abe Attack
VS Axis

21 August, 1944

The Allied defenders of Versainville were taking it easy. Yesterday they had fought long and hard to capture the town. Little did they know that the Axis were planning another assault to capture the town…

A large group of Panzer grenadiers, determined to capture the village, dashed toward the objective.
The US force hastily formed a defensive line and managed to kill a Panzer IV.
The German halftracks opened up on the US infantry, killing four of them. However, the Panzer IVs failed to destroy any of the Shermans.
A multi-turn firefight ensued.
The German infantry were unable to take the objective or assault the Shermans. They kept rolling ones to rally.
The German armor was obliterated by 76mm shells.
The Germans numbers were slowly whittled down, but the US had their losses, too. The two Sherman 76mm were destroyed by Panzerschrecks.
The Germans made a final push. Thier assault was repelled by .50 cal fire, but the US infantry were all but wiped out. Only the mortar survived that day. The outnumbered Germans retreated, leaving the crippled US force still in control of Versainville.


The dice were really against the Germans this game. If the Germans had not been pinned the whole time, they could have taken the objective.

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United States
Abe Attack