D-Day Global Campaign

Flames of War Global Campaign

Freindly Fire at Falaise

United States
Abe Attack
VS British

August 23, 1944

The Firefly commander leaned out of this hatch, surveying the town they had just entered. They had just broke through the German line and were speeding into what they thought was enemy territory. As they got in among the buildings they slowed their pace. “We stop here until reinforcements arrive,” the commander shouted to his company. Two Fireflies edged their way around a building to get a clear view of the road. Suddenly, a pair of tanks were seen advancing along the lane. The Fireflies fired, and the lead tank went up in flames.

The battlefield.
The first kill.

The Sherman 76 commander halted. The Sherman next to his was now a fiery inferno. He looked towards the town, and he thought he could make out the outline of a tank. He and his companion each put a shell through the outline. The whole US force advanced as two more Shermans exploded.

The US force retaliates.
Two more Shermans down.

The Firefly commander drove up next to the other Fireflies, several of which now lay burning. WHAM! A shell hit, and the tank shuddered. His crew began to bail out. "Get back in here!" he screamed at his fleeing men. They grudgingly obeyed.

The Sherman 76 commander reloaded and fired. One of the enemy tanks exploded in a cloud of sparks. "Ammo rack," he muttered to himself. His company-or what was left of it-killed two more enemy tanks.

The end.

The lone Valentine pulled back from beside the burning tanks. Enough was enough. The Valentine picked up the survivors, then drove away from the town at top speed.

As the Americans clanked into the town, they stared at the tanks they had just destroyed. They weren't German tanks. Realization slowly dawned on the tank commander. Their were no Germans left in the Falaise pocket.

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United States
Abe Attack