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Paratroopers perish at paris

United States
Abe Attack
VS Axis

August 26th 1944

The Sherman Company commander yawned as his tank crept forward in the early morning light. There was no hurry. A lot of the other commanders were racing to Paris. Each one determined to be the first to capture it. “But not me”, he thought to himself. He was going to lead a small raid against a V1 launch site. “This is going to be easy”, the Captain murmured to himself. Boy was he wrong…

The battlefield.
The reserves.
The panzergrenadiers dashed towards the objective while the Pak 40s laid down some cover fire.
The Paratroopers got their act together. They moved up to the stone wall, and managed to kill two infantry.
The panzergrenadiers took cover behind the hedge while the Pak 40s killed yet another Sherman.
The paratroopers killed two more German infantry teams, but, despite taking casualties and being pinned, the panzergrenadiers were able to hide behind the wood.
Three Shermans arrived from reserves, and the over confident infantry charged the Pak nest.
A Panzer IV platoon arrived from reserves, and wiped the charging infantry off the board. Meanwhile, the panzergrenadiers attacked the Shermans, and managed to bail one out.
The Shermans moved forward to confront the new threat, but even with help from the bazooka they failed to dent the Panzer IVs.
Another platoon of panzergrenadiers arrived from reserves just in time to watch the two Shermans go up in smoke.
The Shermans failed a morale test, and the US force retreated.

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