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Le chaudron brûlant

United States
Alex M
VS Axis

Col. De Guillebon,

AAR For Breakthrough Action of 3 October 1944. Sous-Groupement M engaged German armored forces as they attempted to establish a defensive position after our attack earlier in the day.

I had decided to pursue the fleeing Boche units and maintain contact as a Dogue de Bordeaux would snap at an intruder’s heels. I split my forces, keeping my main body central while sending elements of armored infantry and my 76mm tank platoon on a wide flanking movement and into the enemy rear. It would take them some time to get into position, so it was imperative I make do with forces on hand.

I amassed my main element on my right, consisting of tanks, recon, and my artillery park. Le Boche was far more crafty this go around, dividing his forces north and east of my position. Once again I advanced swiftly, seeing the way open to my objective. However, my contact Monsieur De Saxe was unable to prevent the swine from committing armored forces to the fight, and I became embroiled in a battle with accursed Tigers and Mk IV tanks. I was able to eliminate part of the Boche command element, but took heavy casualties as well, losing half of my tank platoon and my own XO. My artillery again gave sterling service, hammering boche infantry positions and keeping the fight an honorable duel between tanks. However, things became critical when the Germans committed an infantry platoon to secure our secondary objective. I would now have to focus solely on the primary, and that meant a clever game with the Boche tanks. When my flanking force began to arrive the Germans decided to attempt to interdict them (I reroll reserve with Lucky Card, Opponent plays Interdiction Tactical Edge Card to force a reroll, I trump it with Counter Maneouvre Tactical Edge Card!) but the Spaniards of La Nueve would fight through! Unfortunately, the Spaniards were a little to zealous and suffered heavy casualties and the Boche kept control of the woods with the help of Mk IVs. It was at this point that I took matters into my own hands and personally lead the remnants of my first tank platoon and seized the objective under cover of a smoke screen. I reminded these brave sons of la patrie of their sworn oath to General Leclerc that we will fight until the colors fly over the cathedral at Strasbourg! What splendid heart and courage the men showed! The Boche were no match for our fervor, as they missed c ritical shots at my tank. God watches over me! Finally, my 76s arrived and annihilated the Mk IV platoon as La Nueve fell back, paying the Boche back with interest for their impudence. Once again, seeing they could not hold, the Boche retreated and our objective was secured.

Now, mon colonel, my men require rest and refitting. We will be ready to move in a few days time.

Viva La France!!

LTC Alex Montalvo
Sous-Groupement M
Groupement Tactique V, 2eme Division Blindee

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United States
Alex M