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Vire vexation

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United States
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VS Axis

Burning Bridges - Iceland held a mini tournament at our Flags Nexus.

It was all Axis vs. Allies to give players an opportunity to register their games in the campaign.

In a true tournament fashion woke up early to paint the last tanks on the day of the fighting! (thereby invoking the curse of newly painted models).

My tournament army, trusty Armored Rifles!

HQ - 4

2xThompson SMG
1x M3 half-track
Total 3

Card Lucky 1


1. Armored Rifle Plt.
Full 6x Garand, 5x Bazooka, 2x M1919 LMG, 1x 60mm, 2x M3 .50 cal, 3x M3 .30 cal.
Total 19

2. Armored Rifle Plt.
Full 6x Garand, 5x Bazooka, 2x M1919 LMG, 1x 60mm, 2x M3 .50 cal, 3x M3 .30 cal.
Total 19

81mm Mortar Plt.
3x M4 (81mm)
Total 3


Tank Destroyer plt
4x M10 (3-inch)
Total 16

Vet. Sherman Tank 76mm Platoon
5x M4 Sherman 76mm
Total 28

M7 Priest Artillery Battery
3x M7
Total 8

Grand total 97

As the tournament three battles in succession I didn't have the time to do proper reports.

My first opponent was Leifur, playing a Panzergrenadier company. Missions were determined by the Attack, Maneuvre and defend and then rolling for mission. Our mission was Dogfight.

Leifur placed the mines well (but if he had placed them a little further from the objective it would have been better.

This became a grinding 9 turn battle of Attrition with neither side gaining an advantage. I scored a early success when I took out his Nebelwerfers but failed to capitalize on this early success. By the time I managed to make a minor breakthrough both my Armored Rifle platoons were deplete (including 5 failed saves after 6 hits). I the end the Tigers had arrived and I had lost my M10 in a slugging match as well as few Shermans, only managing to destroy one out of three Tigers. We were still fighting when time was up.

My plan was to hit fast and hard.
Early success saw me destroying his Nebelwerfers.
But my attack was contained by minefields and grenadiers.
US Armored rifles finish off the first Panzergrenadier platoon but it is a Pyrrhic victory as they are too weak to continue.
By the time the Tigers arrived they completely stalled the attack and that is how the game ended when the time was up.

DRAW 3 - 3

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