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Ride of the Panzers

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All American
VS Axis

My second battle in the Tournament was against Júlíus (Wotan) and his Panzer IV company including a Ferdinand.

My tournament army, trusty Armored Rifles!

HQ - 4

2xThompson SMG
1x M3 half-track
Total 3

Card Lucky 1


1. Armored Rifle Plt.
Full 6x Garand, 5x Bazooka, 2x M1919 LMG, 1x 60mm, 2x M3 .50 cal, 3x M3 .30 cal.
Total 19

2. Armored Rifle Plt.
Full 6x Garand, 5x Bazooka, 2x M1919 LMG, 1x 60mm, 2x M3 .50 cal, 3x M3 .30 cal.
Total 19

81mm Mortar Plt.
3x M4 (81mm)
Total 3


Tank Destroyer plt
4x M10 (3-inch)
Total 16

Vet. Sherman Tank 76mm Platoon
5x M4 Sherman 76mm
Total 28

M7 Priest Artillery Battery
3x M7
Total 8

Grand total 97

For Júlíus Army look at the Army lists.

Well I did forget to take photos in this one. I started confident since armor by itself has a hard time fighting Armored Rifles. Greedily I decided to keep the 5x Sherman 76mm in ambush. Júlíus advanced rapidly forcing me to deploy my ambush early and destroying 2 Panzer IV's. Júlíus got air support and since they use AT guns there is no danger close. That and the combined fire from his tanks wiped out my Shermans. Then I had to shift part of my armored rifle platoon to cover my bases. More aircraft arrived (almost every turn, the sky was thick with German aircraft. My reserves arrived late and piecemeal and the entire game was downhill.

In the end I had destroyed 6 Panzer IV's but only one platoon and Júlíus secured an objective. I had one chance to contest but my armored rifles remained pinned.

The ambush is revealed. Sadly one two tanks were destroyed.
Stukas arrived every turn save two and late reinforcements cost me the game.

Defeat! - German 7 - 2 win.

I simply forgot to take more photos so this is very short. Júlíus pointed out that I should have started with both armored rifle platoons comfortably dug in on both objectives and the M10 in ambush.

He is right, I should have.

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