D-Day Global Campaign

Flames of War Global Campaign

A bridge to far

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United States
VS Axis

This bridge is the bane of my existance. Tryed to take it twice but the axis is too sting.

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  • Oberst Nagten says:

    try physically changing the orientation of your photos by 1 or 2 degrees in your edit function. From what (then) Beasts told me, the autoorient function in your camera/phone twists the pictures randomly when it interfaces with the web page. Worked for me

  • ianpaschal says:

    I can only assume this fought in Australia since it was winter during the Normandie campaign and the photos are upside down.

    Would really like to hear a bit more about what actually happened; it’s not clear from just the photos.

  • Guderian67 says:

    Maybe if you tried assaulting on your feet instead of standing on your head? 🙂