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Inaugural battle of tanks

VS Axis

This was my first game of Tanks played against a friend, Kevin, who doesn’t play Flames much. We pitted Soviet 3x T-34’s and an SU-100 against German Panther, Stug, Panzer IV, and Tiger 1.

The objective were directly across the table and in turn soviet fashion, I rushed my T-34’s aroudn the factory at table center and grabbed 3 point all at the same time. The Germans tried to keep me off the objective, and did advance the Stug over to collect a point on my side, but it was not enough points in his Favor to collect the win. the Germans took up a defensive position in the trees and used the cover and my fast advance to their advantage in teh number of defense dice rolled. It was hard for me to do any damage, but I realized, that I just had to survive the turn sitting on the objective, and I did.

The game took about 45 minutes and we had a good time. I bought the tanks starter set as a result. Just something different to play. Might as well use all the tanks, tight?

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  • Currahee says:

    Considering all the games of “Tanks” I’ve seen reported, the results are already skewed IMHO by the “quick and dirty” games vs. the more time consuming ones. I know our hosts want to see both games promoted but I think they should have been split out.

  • apella says:

    No actually, he sent me a message to see if I wanted to play. He was going to be at the game shop and I didn’t have anything going on. Kevin’s been trying to get me to play Tanks for about a year and I haven’t really done anything with it since. Our club runs a small game convention in the winter and he bring it along to put on games, but I’ve yet to play a game with him. Figured why not, get a game point, and give it a try. I figured it was just a variant of Flames. I didn’t know that it was more like X-wing.

  • General Fuchs says:


  • Ruchey says:

    Padding the ole results, eh 😉