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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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VS Axis

As the Soviet forces advanced forward on their quest for victory, they happened upon a German company camped out for the night. Realizing that the Germans could expose their advance any minute, The Red Army launched a swift attack to wipe out the German camp.

The terrain that the soviets had to move through provided a much needed advantage to the German forces as it severely limited how fast the Soviet force could move through the rocky outcrops. Even with the rocky passes and hills to bring movement to a crawl, the Soviets maintained formation and began there siege of the German Camp.

The soviet commanders pushed the infantry companies up their right flank around the large rock outcrop in an effort to distract the German's long enough to move the Self-propelled artillery and T-34 Company up the center and left flank. The heavy machine guns kept the soviet infantry busy long enough to move the armor forward and get in range. Just as the soviet tanks came round the bend to bear on the rear flank of the Germans, A company of Tigers arrived on scene from reserve to cover the German rear. They did their job as the SU-152's were destroyed after trading a few round of fire.

While the Tigers and AT guns were occupied, the soviet air support managed to inflict minor casualties to the German infantry and destroyed a Panzer IV in the process. the Soviet T-34 Company rolled up the center and took the Germans head on in the hopes that they would survive long enough to allow the mortar teams to remove the infantry ability to assault.

The mortars did their job and kept the German infantry pinned a good chunk of the game and while contesting the objective allowed the Soviets to advance with fewer losses than predicted. The Soviet infantry lost the heavy machine guns as they provided cover support fro teh advancing Infantry, but ultimately the Germans lost their position and after the last assault, the Germans conceded the game as With two broken formations the commanders felt it was a lost cause.

This game was played against a German force that is pretty balanced, but with no Anti-Air support, or major artillery left it open to the Soviet numbers to overwhelm the German Camp. Fun was had by all and at one point the Soviet Kommissar was contemplating removing the Battalion Commander from command as the loss of the armor companies were looked at as a possible decisive blow to the Soviet forces in the region.

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