D-Day Global Campaign

Flames of War Global Campaign


Capt. Bonjour
VS United States

Had a chance to battle my son who came up for a day from college. Although Alec plays sparingly, he’s smart, which is a challenge.
Used my Fallschrimjager, 12mc mortars, anti-tank guns with 4 Stug’s in support. Alec chose a force of mixed American tanks & anti-tank guns.
My son said he was here for a good time, not long time, so shooting, bailing & destruction started right away. Burning Stug’s, smoke bombardments & sprinting Americans comprised turn one. Dad countered with an ambush featuring 7.5 anti-tank guns & a panzerfaust or 2 leaving a mark in a Sherman. Turns 2,3 & 4, featured assaults & counter assaults, close range firing and a general disregard for the rules of war. It was fantastic.
We stopped on start of turn 5, to get our Green Bay Packers fix.
Although my son lost, we had a great time, just talking & playing Flames of War.
German Fallschrimjager held the field at the end of the day but my son played outstanding, it was his 1st game since this spring.

Turkey Shoot

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