D-Day Global Campaign

Flames of War Global Campaign

Cake walk in Cherbourg

United States
VS Axis
Capt. Axis

The forces:
USA (D-Day)
HQ M4 (75mm) Shermans x2 —Reserve
1st plt. M4 (75mm) Shermans x4 — Deployed
2nd plt. M4 (75mm) Shermans x4 — Deployed
3rd plt. M4 Mortor 1/2tracks x3 — Deployed
(support) Vet. M4 (76mm) Shermans x5 – Reserve
(support) Armored Rifle Plt. (small) – Reserve
(support) M12 155mm arty x4 — Deployed
(support) P-47 Thunderbolt flight — Deployed
(support) L4 Grasshopper OP — Deployed

Germans (D-Day)
HQ Tiger x1 — Deep delayed reserve
1st plt. Tigers x2 – Deep delayed reserve
2nd plt. Tigers x2 – Deep delayed reserve
3rd plt. Tigers x2 – Deployed, Ambush
(support) Armored Panzergrenadier plt (small) with +3 panzershreck teams — Deployed

Terrain/map: Nothing special. Just a 2 crossroad section of town (++) with about a dozen buildings lining the roads, mostly within the Germans deployment area. Small groups of trees – that’d play zero role in things – scattered about otherwise.
The USA attacked the town from the left hand (short) board edge.
I placed the US objective dead center & as close as possible.
The German player placed their objective dead center as far away as possible….
Mine fields, ranged in markers etc placed.
*The Germans deployed the Grenadiers outside either of my ranged in markers (but not out of sight) in a pair of buildings holding/covering the easiest route to my objective. The 1/2tracks tucked into an ally way a few inches off. Two Tigers were lurking about somewhere….
*I set up the US with both 1st & 2nd plts of the 75mm Shermans right on my deployment line. The Mortar tracks about half way back in my deployment area, & the M12s at the very back. The mortars had at one model with LoS to the two buildings where the German infantry were hiding.
1st turn to the USA.

Turn One:
US rolls for & receives air support.
No reserves show up.
Both Sherman plts roll to blitz, neither succeed. As they can’t see any Germans, both haul ass across the 16″ between the deployment zones. Both find minefields though…. (yeah, I knew where they were. It just wasn’t worth the effort to get all of the tanks clear of both & mess up my plans for turn 2. So I gambled.) 1st plt suffers a bail, 2nd loses a tank.
The mortars re-range on the edge of the 1st building, hitting & killing 2 grenadier stands & bailing a track.
The Grasshopper feeds the new coordinates to the M12s.
The M12s proceed to hit all of the Grenadiers & all of the tracks in the ally, killing most (4 more!) of them +2 tracks.
And then the P-47s bombed the *** out of them.
3 artillery templates, 8 dead infantry stands, 3 burning 1/2tracks.
Captain Axis chooses not to spring his ambush yet.

Turn two.
No air support.
No reserves show up.
No need to blitzing, just tactical speed.
The bailed Sherman remains bailed. 1st plt leaves him to work on the problem while they swing around & onto the left of the objective.
2nd plt hits the objective from the right.
Knowing there’s only 2 Tigers I made sure that I’d only be losing at most 1 of the plts thanks to sight lines between them blocked by buildings.
The mortars & M12s re-range in on where {I’d} spring an ambush from (a point where he’d have shots at both 2nd Sherman & 3rd Mortar plts if he chose to split fire).
Capt. Axis, seeing the game was lost, but hoping for a parting shot, chose to reveal them elsewhere so as not suffer an M12 repeat bombard (just practicing playing smart). 4 shots later & 2nd Sherman had 2 more dead & 1 bailed. Then the Tigers failed a shoot & scoot, trying to sneak away into an ally, but leaving them sitting exposed instead.

Turn three.
The P-47s return.
No reserves show up.
The bailed Sherman 75mm from 1st plt remains bailed.
The remaining Sherman from 2nd plt remains bailed & fails a Last stand check.
Game ends as the US controls an objective.

Had I not gotten exceptionally lucky with the arty rolls/lack of German saves, this game would’ve gone longer I don’t think it’d ave been a US victory….. Fortunately Deep Delayed reserves cripples a 7 Tiger force.
Had Axis paid attention to what mission was to be played & brought some other list it also wouldn’t have been so lopsided.

From the PoV of my troops:
Judging by the mess it looks like we arrived in Cherbourg a bit late. It’ll be awhile before command can get the ports back up & running. The guys in the L4 though did spot us a pack of Nazis loading up their half-tracks.
The P-47s & arty hit them so hard they didn’t know what happened. Hell, they were all dead by the time we arrived! Too bad about most of 2nd plt though. Those Tigers were a surprise. Wish the L4 had noticed them on the first pass…. Oh well, they got theirs a moment later.

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