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Southern Ambush (FlamesCon 2019)

Chris at Battlefront
VS Axis
Dan Linder

The British forces found themselves on the receiving end of a German Counterattack near Hill 112. Fortunately for the British defenders, there was some nice cover to deploy two platoons of Shermans, and an ambushing M10 platoon (later on). The Germans had to cross open ground with very little cover all the way from the deployment area to the objective.

The Germans sped forward, aggressively trying to close the distance verses the concealed British gun line. The British countered with a blistering salvo of fire that knocked out four Panzer IVs and a pair of PaK40s. The Germans continued to close and maintained their fire eventually knocking out a pair of Shermans. Before long the flanking Shermans arrived, and with flank shots on the enemy Tigers, quickly dispatched the last remaining (useful) combat unit – the German infantry platoon, whilst still untouched and almost on the objective was hardly going to pose a threat to an almost untouched British Sherman Company…

The Battlefield
The German forces about to launch their attack
British forces set to ambush the Germans
The effects of accurate close range fire...
Shermans arriving from reserve. The enemy flanks wide open...

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