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While visiting family in Lincoln, NE for Thanksgiving I visited a fine game shop that stocks Flames of War materials, Gauntlet Games. I was able to get in a game with a non-campaign player who agreed to play. There was a lot of action there and good spirits and sports in abundance.

I fielded my tanks and armored infantry again and faced a most unusual force. I’m not certain it was a legal list but as a guest who was I to quibble? We could only get a 4×4′ area with all the other action.

A portion of my view, with my halftracks off camera to the right.

I was facing a combination of self-propelled guns, tank destroyers, 88s, SPAA and heavy artillery with a touch of recon. The Germans had the first move and boldly advanced through the wheat fields.

The initial fire went well.
But was not one-sided.

As much as my dice hated me last game, they loved me this game and hated the Germans. My poor opponent rarely made a save or FP test when he hit. I knew exactly what he was feeling but we're trying to win the war, so...

The 76mm Shermans could take out the tank destroyers and the 75mm Shermans worked over the lighter stuff.
Next the guns, which had never been able to dig in, began to be picked off.
Meanwhile, my infantry was happily ensconced in buildings taking pot shots and delighted they didn't have to face the neighbors.

Within a short time my opponent had lost all his mobil offensive capability and extended his hand in congratulations. My losses were one TD, one half-track and one infantry stand. Thanks for being such a good sport Phil, the dice were most unkind. I totally understand.


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United States


  • General Fuchs says:

    odd even out eventually.

  • Oberst Nagten says:

    good fight

  • LucasHW says:

    Alyksandyr I can’t help but hold out till the bitter end hoping for the luck to swing back! Why I once went 18 turns in a tournament game haha

  • Alyksandyr says:

    When I have bad dice, I mean horrendous dice, all I can do is laugh out loud at the fickle nature of random chance, and hope that my opponent ends the game quickly to end the pain.

  • Currahee says:

    No worries Ruchey, I get it. Shook his hand twice and commended him on his graciousness.

  • Ruchey says:

    The universe will always balance out. When you have bad dice it really drives a guy nuts. Be equally gracious when they go the other way.