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Deutschland Dominates Dustup in Lorient.

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General Fuchs
VS United States
First Sergeant Riviere

Deutschland Dominates Dustup

Armoured Panzergrenadiers have been sent to Hennebont on the outskirts of Lorient, having been made aware US incursions from the Northeast. US forces must not be allowed to approach the Lorient with its vital U-boat pens.

Armoured Panzergrenadiers leap into action


AXIS: Armoured Panzergrenadier Company with HQ, two platoons and PAK 40s

USA: Paratrooper Company with HQ, two platoons, Jeeps, AT guns and Howitzers.

The Field of Battle

Dust up in Lorient. US paratroopers attackers (red zone) vs. Axis defenders (blue zone)Yellow boxes show objectives.
The table. Yellow boxes show objectives

Tour of the table

Turn 1

US Paratroopers radioed for reserves but Axis operatives had changed the road signs leading into Lorient and so they took a wrong turn and failed to arrive. Paratroopers left their dug in positions and advanced west along the bocage line while the Jeeps and Howitzers moved up towards the town´s intersection.
Meanwhile, the first Armoured Panzergrenadiers´ reserves arrived in the form of the second platoon, dismounted and moved north to engage the US paratroopers on the far side of the hedgerow, killing a few. The first platoon of PzrGrens moved northeast from the objective to the hedgerow and fired across at the advancing Paras killing several.

Turn 2

The second platoon of Paratroopers, having sorted out their directions, arrived from reserves to the northwest and positioned themselves just out of sight on the west side of a hill. The first platoon moved north into the buildings to protect the objectives, while the jeeps fired without success on the first platoon of PzrGrens. Then US howitzers and mortars began to lay down fire but, having to reroll hits, they did little but pin the German platoons.
The PzrGren HQ arrived from reserves, while first platoon dismounted and took cover behind the hedgerow, while the transports moved to cover the objective (as shooting commenced, we realized the sdkfzs were now out of command and were sent to the rear). 2nd PzrGren stayed behind the hedgrow and the sdkfzs moved up beside a building to challenge an objective and began laying down fire on the Paras first platoon in the house, doing little but pinning them.

Turn 3

The Para HQ arrived from reserves and made for the town, while 2nd platoon circled south, and began crossing the hedgerow and approaching the pine forest where the PAK 40s were protecting the southernmost objective. The jeeps moved back into town and fired down the main road at an exposed sdkfz, but were unable to kill it. 1st Para platoon fired ineffectually from the house, while the howitzer and mortars laid down fire again, this time killing several of PzrGren 1st platoon. Para AT guns also fired on 1st platoon, but without effect.
PzrGren 2nd platoon´s transports returned to the field and drove into command with their pinned platoon. PzrGren HQ dismounted and moved to aid the imperiled Pak40s. The Pak 40s, meanwhile, were unable to rally and fired ineffectually on the approaching Paras. PzrGren 1st platoon was able to rally and moved north into the building next to their transports. From their closer position the panzerschrek teams were able to kill a few of 1st Para platoon, while the sdkfz with the 3.7cm gun killed one of the US jeeps.

Turn 4

The one remaining US jeep saw its mangled and burning companion and drove off. The Para HQ moved into town but was unable to fire. Para AT guns, due to the shoot and scoot of the sdkfzs, were unable to gain targets. The 1st Para platoon returned fire on the PzrGrens who were now in the nearby building, killing one. To the southwest, the Paras moved up on the Pak40s, fired and assaulted. But the defensive fire the Pak40s and PzrGren HQ was enough to force them to fall back.

PzrGren 2nd platoon finally rallied and moved west to protect the objectives and fired, along with HQ and Pak 40s onto the US 2nd platoon, decimating it. To the northeast, 1st Pzrgren platoon moved up on the US 1st platoon, which remained pinned from the previous turn. They then fired and assaulted. US defensive fire was insufficient to force them back and the PzrGrens proceeded to kill most of the US platoon. The plucky Paras counterattacked, however, killing a PzrGren team. Failing their counterattack, the PzrGrens fell back onto the objective.

Panzergrenadiers await the approching Paras
Plucky Paras prepare to assault German PAK40s

Turn 5

The two para platoons, each with only two stands left, both rallied, but further assaults were unlikely to succeed, and with the fully intact 2nd PzrGren platoon heading north to aid 1st PzrGren, and time running out, First Sergeant Riviere conceded defeat. Axis win.

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