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Fallschirmagers Wouldn't Break

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United States
VS Axis

The US Army Rangers pushing hard forward to take the objectives by turn 6 held their ground for one tough game.

The Rangers calling in Naval support without much help. Looked to the skies for their Flyboys and the 2000lb Bombs which lead to a few German’s blown away along with a small gun nest.

The M10 being the ballsy ones for this battle tried to use the railroad tracks to cross over some tough terrain but mostly getting held up along the way. But they did get in a couple of good shots in at some dug in Fallschirmagers. Only one of the 76mm Shermans seem to want to cross the river and railroad tracks leaving the other 2 tanks just within command. The lone 76mm made a few good shots and was within objective. Now it was a waiting game for the other 76’s to cross over.

As this was happening the Germans took out a platoon of Rangers but missed the Stuarts that had been keeping close to them. With one Stuart with in objective the Germans had to do something soon.

The Germans ended up with fresh reinforcements. With them shooting and destroying one US tank and missing on. The must have gained enough Motivation for a last ditch assault which lead to the destruction of the 2 US tank that were within the objective area.

This all lead to the German winning this battle but the war is not over yet!!!

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