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Barkman's Valley

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Barkman’s Valley
I laid out some large sponge rocks in the corners to constrict movement to a degree.
This was our first time my son Andrew playing the game in a while so we made it a simple kill or be killed mission – 1 VP for each kill and 1 bonus VP for winning.
After last week’s game I decided I know enough to up the point count to 75 points.
I wanted to bump up the armour values in both forces and involve a Panther and the Barkmann upgrade card.
British Force:
Axis force:
Panzer III
Stug III

Please check out last week’s battle report below:

Dugthefug1644 VS Peter 1572313372

No real damage was dished out until turn 3 apart from the Sandbag Armour upgrade being lost on the Cromwell in the first round of shooting.

Turn 3 saw some damage get laid down and the dynamic began to change.

The damage to my Honey worried me, but the Stan Hicken upgrade is worth its weight in gold; well worth the 6 Points. The brave move from the Churchill to get close for the extra attack dice didn't pay off at all, but the Panther's punch back cost me 3 hull points. Other fire on the Panther did finally chip away at his total though.

The Stug III in this battle seemed to be impervious to pain on many occasions. So many occasions that I decided I should play one of my favourite videos on the beauty.

Turn 4 saw more damage meted out to the Panther which was very encouraging. Also they didn't manage to shake off the critical hit immediately, which made shooting and the order in initiative problematic for the krauts.

Turn 5 saw the German's give up the cover on the battlefield almost wholesale, relying on movement or remaining stationary to ward off the risk of complete whiff rolls with the free re-roll.
Turn 6 saw the really dramatic explosion of two tanks in the same turn!
The Churchill and Panther were lost through shots at each other. Criticals galore. The Churchill finally made use of the Wilfred Harris upgrade card and picked a nasty Critical for the Panther to have, which came with extra damage, so the Panther turret popped clean off.

After some manoeuvring and long shots the next to pop was the Panzer III, but in the very next turn the Cromwell exploded after some impressive rolling from the Stug III.
After a few more turns of the Honey and The Stug exchanging fire at close range and the Honey being down to one hull point i asked if my son wanted to call the game a draw. He is competitive and didn't want to have the game end that way. Even though Barkmann his leader must have bailed out (to be able to get to his part in history in the Barkmann's Corner encounter in late July against the yanks) and even though the Stug was nestled in next to a burning Panther and the edge of the battlefield, he chose to fight on.

The Stug III took more damage until we were down to one hull point each, again i offered a draw, but my son refused to yield.

The Stug III finally destroyed on only turn 15.
If you liked seeing my painted minis please check out my blog on how i painted them. https://www.beastsofwar.com/project/1440169/
Sore loser in the picture, but he said he will play again soon if only for revenge. Thanks for reading

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