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2 vs 1 St.lo

General Kartoffel
VS Soviet

My Dad was not feeling well enough to play, so I got to play in a 2 vs. 1. General Fuchs and I played against Ruchey. General Fuchs already posted a great report, so I will tell my side. I played mixed Panzer III and IV platoons and Stukas. The Russian players was playing a bunch of Lend Lease tanks (Lees and Stuarts) and a bunch of other ones, and some infantry. General Fuchs, my partner in this game was playing Panzer Grenadiers and half tracks and Pak 40s. I started off with my Stukas and 1 of my mixed platoons in ambush, with my HQ and other platoon in reserves. I was expecting a big tank battle. would occur on the side of the map with the olive orchard and the railway tracks. So my ambush was going to be over there. The Russian player started by pushing into the town, where one of the objectives were and bringing his tanks up to the river. I was able to get my stukas on and they shot up the Russina rocket trucks. I think the Stukas with the guns are better because you don’t have to range in and then they also would get saves. My HQ also came on the first turn and took a few long shots at some tanks. Through out the game, the russain player tried to go through the town with their infantry and then tried to get their tanks across the river. The Russian lend lease tanks could not get across the river, so between my tanks and the stukas and General Fuchs anti-tank guns we evaporated the Russain tanks.

My army for the battle
This shows my Panzers.
This one shows my stukas shooting russian tanks like fish in a barrell.
This is mr. potato in a tank. I will post a better one next time

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General Kartoffel


  • James Westerfield says:

    Unfortunately, you can only give one commendation for a battle report. This one easily deserves two. One for the report, one for the potato. I am not sure Tigers east potato’s, but the certainly feast on Shermans.

  • Oberst Nagten says:

    Good report

  • General Kartoffel says:

    The battle was a 2 vs. 1, we wanted to make sure that Kartoffel got credit for playing – Kartoffel’s Dad