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A close call

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United States
General McCalmant
VS Axis

Turn 1
Scout Platoon cross a minefield losing a greyhound. Red Platoon follow after them losing a m3 haft track but the the teams survive. The M$ Shermans follow behind to to give the scouts and red platoon some cover. The blue platoon move up to the hedge rows losing a haft track in a minefield. The shooting step did not do so well. The M7 priest open fire on the fallschirmjager platoon with only pinning them. The M4s open fire with their 76mm guns on the brave Panzer 4 HQ bailing a tank.
German turn 1
The fallschirmjager got their acts together. The panzer HQ got back into their tank. They decided to hold position to return fire. The fallschirmjager open fire onn blue team with no effect. The fallschirmjager mortars panzers and HMGs open fire on red platoon leaving only two teams standing. Apanzer 4 platoon came out of hiding fire on the shermans missing.

US turn 2
Red team determined to take the objective they stayed to fight on The shermans and red platoon push to the objective. A Sherman was lost to a mine. Blue platoon push to engage the fallschirmjager. The scout platoon race to the nebelwerfers. The shooting step The Sherman return fire destroying a panzer. The 105 battery fire on the mortars pining them. The M7 priest failed to range in. Blue platoon foolishly charge the fallschirmjager losing 7 teams.

German turn 2
The panzers move up to save the nebelwerer and the 88mm AA guns. The shooting step. The panzers open fire on the scout wiping them out. The 88s took pop shots at the Shermans destroying one more.

US turn 3
The blue platoon flee the battle. Red platoon and the Shermans move in to take the objective. The shooting step. The Sherman destroy the panzer HQ securing the objective.
The Armies
Armored rifle HQ with Jeeps
2 Armored rifle platoons maxed
1 57 mm gun platoon 3 guns
5 M4 Shermans with hedge row cutters 76mm guns 5 tanks.
105 mm Guns 4 guns
M7 priest 3 guns

Panzer 4 HQ 2 tanks
Panzer 4 3 tanks in ambush
2 tigers
fallschirmjager patoon with 2panzerfast and 2 HMGs
fallschirmjager mortars 4 guns
neberlwerers 3 guns
88mm AA guns 2 guns

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United States
General McCalmant