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Overrun by the Red Tide

VS Soviet

In stark contrast to my last game against Nigel which went on for an impossible number of turns, my game against Shadow was over in two turns ☹️

The mission was Counter Attack and my Ten PzIV were up against a 20 strong Soviet Lend Lease tank army supported by Armoured cars and mechanised infantry.

The mission was Counter Attack and unfortunately I was the defender forcing me to leave one of my two platoons off table in Mobile Reserve. I chose to have my remaining PzIV platoon in ambush, leaving me just with my HQ on table.

Even though I was nestled behind trees & buildings the Soviet air found my HQ & destroyed my command tank.

Unfortunately my ambush was less than affective, only destroying two Soviet Shermans.

The return fire from the Soviet tanks destroyed on and bailed a second tank. The assault from the Soviet infantry soon destroyed the remainder of the platoon, giving Shadow a 6-1 win

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