D-Day Global Campaign

Flames of War Global Campaign

Wk2 Bocage Country St Lo

United States
VS Axis

Bought 1 Vet Tanks Formation of 5 Sherman 76, 5 Sherman 75 & 1 formation of Vet Armour Mech Infantry.
I deploy 1 full 19pts Armour Mech Infantry with 1 Armour Mech HQ on the near center of my battlefield. Move my only platoon to the left center to the threaten the center Object. My platoon was able too hold till the turn 5 before it retreat to my right side before it was kill by multiply volley of hellfire from all side n assaulted by German Grenadier. Luckily my Armour Mech was able to survive the full Attack, until my the other Mech Platoon able to repel light german resistance on the other objective with the support of 1 Sherman 75 Platoon. US won by capture the objective with 1 Mech Platoon completely destroyed till from turn 1 to turn 5.

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United States


  • James Westerfield says:

    Keep up the winning.

  • Stefan Johannsson says:

    I agree with Nagten and Beaver, the reports will be much more fun to read if you manage the pictures a little bit better. 😉

  • Oberst Nagten says:

    as Red Beaver suggests, the report is much easier to read (=higher score from me, at least) with text-pictures-text

  • Red Beaver says:

    Maybe try and put the photos in between the text. It helps the overall impression and makes for a more entertaining reading experience.

  • Red Beaver says:

    And another US victory. You are singlehandedly winning the war for us. Keep it up.