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Sneaky Panzers

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VS United States

This week we make only one game with Krocionorzec, but you know -you always have to clean your house and dishes befor you can go to the Front Line, right?
I decided to play with PzIV Company with support of Beach Defence Grenadier Platoon (full strenght with panzerfaust and one stand of panzerschreck).

Our table - it's a little bit smaller then it should be, but both of us agreed for that.
As a Axis player I had to deploy all my troops first
Shermans on the oposite side of the table.

Germans turn. In the first turn I moved my right flank PzIV forward. It was risky (because of 76mm Shermans sitting in the woods). HQ stayed in the woods, BD Grenadiers moved forward to catch some ground, they were lucky enought to dig in next turn.
American turn 76mm shermans rolled out of the woods trying to engage PzIV. I was lucky enough to survive without any loses.

After my second turn. Decisive moment of the game. Shermans burning.

At the star of my second turn my PzIV knocked out the whole shermans platoon. It was decisive moment of the game. I was able to flank the enemy.

Third turn - PzIV are flanking american troops.

The rest of the game was qiuck. I was trying to get the best shooting positins, americans trayed to stay alive. In fact I have lost two tanks in the heat of the battle.


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  • James Westerfield says:

    Nice. Keep it up.

  • Gloow says:

    Oberst Nagten: There is nothing better for german tanks then combination of blitz move and shoot and scoot. This is something I learned during my last battles. First get into the right position (even if you would not be able to shoot) to get as much as you can from the advntage of terrain.

  • Oberst Nagten says:

    Again, great way to use the Tanks! terrain.