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Guderian goes back to school

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Eddie C

Last battle of the tournament and I was feeling pretty good, coming off that last victory against the Russians. So good that I didn't stop to think when I should have. My opponent was fielding a Panzer IV company, with HQ of two PzIV, three platoons of four PzIV, a beach grenadier platoon, four 88s, and..........two armoured cars. Again, we rolled a Bridgehead mission and I thought "Oh, this is easy, I know how to fight this mission against tanks", and blithely lay down a mine field straight across the approach to my left flank. I then pushed my recon platoon into the bocage on my right flank and deployed everything else except the Tigers and platoon 2 (in reserve) and my pak40s (in ambush) around the manor house and hill near the two objectives.

Everything going to plan, just like last game, I may even have boasted about how forcing him to approach through the bocage was going to give me such an advantage. He didn't seem worried. Then he plopped his scout platoon down right by the minefield, made one skill check to drive his unit leader through the minefield and............................

In his first turn, Eddie dashed and blitzed his force right up under the hill, where nothing could see him except a couple of infantry guns, who were facing the wrong way.
Knowing that I now had a steeply uphill battle to fight, I nevertheless turned the infantry guns around and started trying to get some lucky shots, while my mortars failed to range in on the infantry in the forest and I yet again forgot completely about my ambush.
On turn 2, he took out all of my infantry guns with a combined armoured and infantry assault, and moved another platoon of PzIVs around to start blowing apart my mortars. H enow had one tank on the objective and I only had one mortar defending it. However, I finally remembered my Pak40s in ambush, who promptly killed two tanks and bailed the rest. By now, most of my infantry platoon were in the manor house, hoping to get the time to launch a surprise assault from cover. My recon platoon tore down the road to try and slow doen the 88s.
The PzIVs in front of my paks failed to remount but stayed on the board. This gave me another turn to pull a miracle out of my hat, as none of the other tanks had been close enough to the objective. But time was definitely running out for me, as all the rest of the tanks then assaulted my mortars and pushed them off the objective. If that closest tank had remounted it would all have been over right then.
On turn 4, I managed to get my Tigers on the board, but they appeared on me left flank and didn't quite have enough movement to get onto the objective. I probably should have given a Follow Me order to get at least one tank on the objective and given up the two shots I took to bail the Panzer IV CO and kill his 2IC. The pak40s killed another tank and bailed a second, and all of a sudden, I had a hope. If my infantry could assault the last two tanks successfully, I could capture most of the bailed tanks and possibly even trigger a formation break. Unfortunately, the defensive fire from the two live tanks, the infantry on the hill, and another tank around the side of the hill, stopped the assault dead in its tracks and the battle was over for me.

A valuable lesson learned today; when your opponent has recon, don't lay your minefields where they're able to spearhead across it. If I had been a little more conservative, and laid the minefield up the side of my left flank, just outside the 4" strip that he was able to spearhead into, the battle probably would have gone a lot closer to how I intended it to.

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Eddie C