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Wehrmacht Training Exercise at Carentan

VS Axis

With no enemy in sight in their sector, the commanders of the grenadier company and panzer company borrowed some landing craft and conducted a training exercise, with the infantry company defending against an armoured landing force.

Four panzer IV platoons and two formation command groups fit nicely into four landing craft. The defenders have two 88 bunkers, one 5cm gun pit, a grenadier platoon and some flak halftracks.

The defenders mined the seawall in front of the objective in the wheatfield, guarded by the grenadiers, while trusting to the 88's and some barbed wire to protect the other. The flak tracks, only being able to take doubtful shots at side armour, stayed in close reserve.

The defenders lost a panzershrek and a flak track to the initial bombardment, but were left otherwise unmolested, as the attackers struggled up the beach. No reserves arrived on the first turn and the bunkers were ineffective.
On the second turn, the other grenadier platoon arrived from reserves and hot-footed it through the hinterland to support their compatriots. Meanwhile, the attackers lined up at the sea wall to prepare for their first big push.

the last armoured stragglers are still trying to leave their boats, and the first tank is taken out by the 88's

The second grenadier platoon moves up as fast as they can, while the tanks start picking off platoon one with their main guns.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the beach, the massed fire from the seawall has taken out one 88 and the 5cm gun pit. Although the barbed wire at the exit point is think, a few tanks start to get through the initial defences.

By turn four, all of the reserves have arrived; pak 40's on the germans left flank, and the command group (finally finished their kaffee-klatsch), following the grenadiers up the right flank

The pak 40's are arriving just in time because, while a few more tanks are brewing up on the beach, there is only one 88 and some barbed wire guarding the left-flank objective, and the 88 is pinned.

Back on the beach, the right flank company are struggling to cross the seawall, while the laft flank keep picking away at grenadier platoon 1. Platoon 2 take cover behind the stone wall at the back of the field.

As they try to get over the wall, the right-flank panzers finally take out the second 88; no more incoming fire on that flank.

The panzer force are halfway to their deadline for capturing this beach, and they still have only managed to get a few tanks into the hinterland. In the background, the Pak 40 platoon runs forward as fast as they can, to secure the other objective. Occasionally, a gun slows down to take a pot-shot through the gap in the hills, but to little effect. The panzer commander decides he doesn't want to risk the minefield and starts moving most of his force to the centre.
Turn 7 and the panzer commander has decided to settle on a strategy of slow and sure wins the race. He dedicates two platoons of tanks to bombarding the now-tattered but still functioning grenasier platoon 1, while platoon 2 continues to wait to take their place should they fall. A sizeable force is starting to gather under the protection of the hills on the panzer force's right flank.
The defenders decide to take the offensive now that their pak 40's have reached the second objective, and platoon 2 blitzes into the wheatfield to try and get some surprise shrek shots at the tanks on the hill. Unfortunately, they both miss, leaving platoon 2 quite exposed, as the wall provides no protection to shots from above. The panzers reply by switching to machine guns but platoon 2 comes through with only the loss of one or two rifle stands.
Turn 9 and the clock is ticking. The right flank of the panzer force is now all across the wall and ready to move forward. They pull back out of range of the shreks, who are now dug in, and continue to pepper platoon 2 with MG fire, to little effect. However, the paks are now solidly dug in on their objective, except for one gun trying to get a better position.
Things turn quite grim for the defenders on turn 10, as platoon 2 loses both its shreks to the ongoing MG fire from the panzer's left flank force, and the right-flank force breaks through the barbed wire around the bunkers and takes the pak 40's under fire.
In a last-ditch attempt to turn things around, platoon 2 assaults the back of the right-flank panzer force, knowing that the other panzer force won't get through the minefields in time to take the wheatfield, and the flak tracks blitz forward to get some flank shots on the lead panzers. The two remaining pak 40's fire as fast as they can but, being pinned only take out one tank. Platoon 2 is repulsed by machine-gun fire and the two flak tracks fail to penetrate event the side armour of the panzer IV's and are destroyed in turn.
In the final confrontation, three partial platoons of panzer IV's fail to destroy the pak 40's with gunfire, so launch a massive assault. The Paks bravely repel the first assault, but lose their nerve after taking out half of the second assault with defensive fire ad are too slow in their re-positioning and so are over-run.

The panzer force takes one objective on turn 12, by the skin of their teeth, and so win a minor victory over the brave defenders.

Lesson learned, those big 88 bunkers might look tough but enough firepower will take even them out, so don't rely too heavily on them to anchor your defences.

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  • Ruchey says:

    Blurry pics, great report.

  • Noyjatat says:

    Great report and a huge amount of effort put in to document that many turns. Well done buddy.

  • Red Beaver says:

    Commendation given.

  • Red Beaver says:

    Well executed AAR. Good photos and text.

  • James Westerfield says:

    Great Report.

  • Leifurs says:

    …ah, and I liked the report. You might want to fix the focus issue before the real battles start.

  • Leifurs says:

    Finally you managed to get an opponent. I hope no-one got hurt during this training exercise.

  • Scissors_to_a_Rock_Fight says:

    That was a really fun battle that easily could’ve turned out very differently. Those 88 bunkers and the AT pit had the potential to wipe out my tanks before they even got off the beach, so luckily they must’ve had the sun in their eyes and missed probably 80% of their shots. Cross tests were a constant bugbear for my tanks, I probably failed 80% of my rolls to traverse the sand, wire, and the sea wall!

  • Otto Von Haberer says:

    Great report. Very well done!

  • Oberst Nagten says:

    Nice report

  • All American says:

    Ahh… kriegspiel

    True to form:

    “General Friedrich Dollmann, the Seventh Army commander, had scheduled a planning war game in Rennes, testing responses to an Allied landing. His division commanders were on the road to Rennes, got the recall en route, and spent the morning scurrying back to their command posts.”

    I like it when history is repeated!