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Widening the Bridgehead

Heinz Bar
VS Axis
Tommy Morgan

Elements of the Canadian 3rd Inf Div expanded the Normandy bridgehead with support from Churchills and M10/Achilles TDs. A Stuart recon platoon spearheaded deep into enemy territory allowing a platoon of infantry and the Churchills to threaten the German right flank. Pak 40s in ambush quickly knocked out one Churchill and bailing one Stuart, stopping the offensive in it’s tracks. German reserves came in on their left. 4 Stugs drove down the Canadian right going for the Artillery emplacements. The M10s moved to counter. Poor gunnery and thin armor proved fatal to the M10s. Meanwhile on the German right, Canadian left, a platoon of Grenadiers suddenly appeared, forcing the Churchills to conduct a retrograde movement to keep out of shrek range. Things were looking bleak. But just like another June day in 1815, a timely appearance by Allies turned the tide. A flight of two P-40s, fresh from the desert, made a bomb run on the attacking Germans catching them in the open. The resulting bomb strike devastated the Grenadiers. From then on it was just a mopping up operation until the German core formation broke.

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