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Defending my gains!

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James Copeland
VS Axis

Landing went well, I actually was able to get infantry on both obj. and put my HMG in the sector i chose.

Turn One: I decided to charge the germans, vice waiting for them to attck me. Under darkness i ran out. no shooting on turn one
Turn Two: The HMG oppened up on the german blue platoon, and somehow pinned them!, no models removed, but still needing 8s to hit was amazing!
Turn Three: Assaulted the German HMG platoon, and killed two, before failing my counter attack roll. I did not bring my HQ due to point level, so I ran off
Turn 4, the German red and blue infantry kept sneaking around the side to snatch the OBJ, so i had to re-shift an attack to cut them off. The church proved to be a major choke point for the German attack.
Turn 5; DAY BREAK, and all the German reserves. I was able to last a massive volume of fire, when my troops got stuck in a field pinned down.
Turn 6: The German Formation broke, after my pity platoon came on and I was able to launch 2x wipe out assaults. forcing the Germans into a poor spirits, and breaking the formation. due to only 1x platoon in good spirits.

AFTERMATH. Not losing a single platoon… (came very close though) the resounding success of the allied Air drop paid off, and will lead to a connect with the beach. The bridge was held, and the Germans driven to the hills!

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James Copeland