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King weasel
VS British

Surrounded by an ever increasing amount of British tanks a group of Panzergrenadiers dig in and prepare to defend. With only a few anti tank guns and nebelwerfer rockets they wait to be reinforced by German armour.

Outflanked at Caen

125 point German army

Panzergrenadier Hq, X2 full strength platoons of Panzergrenadiers 1 with half-tracks ,X2 8cm mortar, X3 Pak 40 supported by a battery of 6 nebelwerfer and 4 tiger tanks

125 point British army

X3 Cromwell hq , X2 units of X3 Cromwell + 1 challenger, 3 Stuart m5 , x4 25lb guns, Sherman op, typhoon flight ( off screen ) , X3 crocodile flame throwers ( off screen) x4 M10 Achilles tank destroyer and a motor platoon


The German forces deployed in the bottom right quarter and the British forces spread out along the opposite table edge. A spearhead from the stuarts allowing central deployment.


British turn one

The British turn starts with the Cromwell's advancing using dash moves to close the ground on the left objective. The motor platoon uses a blitz manoverve to add to its movement and the crocodile tanks push forward toward the church

During shooting a pair of typhoons swoop down on the nebelwerfers but fail to range in whilst the 25lb guns land hits on a PAK40 and 3 Panzergrenadiers that all make their saves .

German turn one

Tigers auto arrive from reserve and the Pak 40 remains pinned . However the Panzergrenadiers unpin from last turns artillery bombardment but choose to stay in the dugout. Due to the arrival of the enemy armour close to them , the second unit dismount and advance to the garden wall. The half-tracks move up to support.

Shooting sees the 3 PAK40 nests fire at the Sherman op (miss) and 25lb guns (miss) but land 2 shots on the stuarts killing one and bailing the other. A tiger manages to land a good shot on the crocodile that fails it's armour save and is destroyed. Nebelwerfer range in on 25lbs on final attempt but fail to land hits on 6s.

British turn two

Unfortunately I have lost my notes for this game so will try and go by memory. Reinforcements show and Cromwell's race to the objective whilst the Achilles land a hit on the tigers killing one and the Cromwell's down a half track

German turn two

Returning fire with tigers kills an m10 and bails another. Whilst a Pak nest manages to bail a Cromwell on the opposite side

British turn three

More Cromwell's arrive and travel across the length of the map to reinforce the centre whilst the other Cromwell's push the objective. Shooting sees another tiger and the pz3 spotter destroyed

German turn four

Time begins running out and I have to make a play for the objective so I prepare one last attempt to secure my position. The Panzergrenadiers move on the large unit of tanks opening fire and bailing a second tank. A Pak nest also hits the bail out destroying it

A quick assault takes advantage of terrain to finish the other bail out and consolidate

British turn four

Some poor shooting on the Panzergrenadiers only manages to kill 2 stands and my opponent assaults them, forcing them back off objective.

Failed to secure

German turn five

Realising I now have no units capable of contesting the objective by the next turn, I conceded and the victory went to bravo guns

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