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German in hedgerows (Hedgegerms?)

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United States
VS Axis

Yes, yes. That's my third failure.

Sorry guys, but this time I have very little to say - it was my another failure as a tank commander.
Mission was quite easy - hold the position in the village.
Forces I had also was powerful - two brand new 76mm Shermans and one M36 Jackson to provide serious kick (driven by Del Boggs).

Top secret files.

All my tanks have taken positions around the village center. To minimalize danger, they hide in the bocage.

It was so nice and quiet afternoon.

It was only calm before storm.
Suddenly, the German tank show up!


One of the Shermans reckless crew charged upon Stug on the village right corner. Too fast. Didn't recognize powerful Jagdpanther hiding in the hedges near by.
One lucky shot, tank destroyed, all men dead.


The rest of battle was quick. It was an 'augenblick', like Germans would say. My remainig two tanks managed to destroy a Stug, but haven't luck with the Panther.
First, the last Sherman was set in flames, then Jakcson (one shot, again!).


This was terrible battle - one thing that dice wasn't on my side. On the second though - I should have taken a Pershing.
Parafrazing good old Oddball - Pershing would give me a nice edge.
Well, as we say in Poland - third time's a charm!
Untill victorz this song will be my personal battle cry...

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