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Meat Grinderrrr

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United States
VS Axis

Hello! Guess what? I lost again :)

This week me and Gloow (who is my yonger brother, by the way - hello, mate!) played only one game. Adulthood sucks.
We decided to play Meat Grinder mission - it's nice and quick (that's what we thought).
So, at first I've picked my force - Sherman platoon (8 tanks) and Parachute Platoon, the smaller and cheaper one (played by Mid-War British Motor Company).

Ordre de bataille

Then, we set the table and placed objectives - table is smaller than required 4x4 feet, but we got what we got.

Paper scenery is quite cool.
Initial positions

German started. Pushed Panzer IV's down the field. I moved my 75mm Shermans to the center of village. Then I made my One Big Mistake - moved my 76mm Shermans to engage the Pz IV on the right. Out of the nice cover in the forest. DAMN, I'm an idiot!

Advance to the village. Sherman HQ was bogged down in the bocage.
The most stupid move I made in... I don't know - ever?

They run, they missed all the shots (stabilisers, arrrgh!)... I forgot to order Shoot and Scoot...
Then came German turn...

One hit - one save. Not good.
And then! One M4 destroyed!
The same as others.

The rest of battle was bloody and desperate. I tried hold the position on the markers, Germans tried to flush out my troops from the markers...
Turn after turn I had less and less troops...

Infanty first losses
...and two...
... and Grande Finale!!! Third M4 blown up!

Ah, yes - I destroyed two Panzers!
But also lost every troop in the formation except HQ unit. In this circumstances tankers and paratroopers retreated.

As a conclusion - I definitely have to play more, and I have to think more. I'm still playing those Americans like I used to do with my Mid War Brits (Shermans aren't as invincible as Grants...).
My uninterrupted losses spoils the US statistic in this campaign. Damn, maybe I am a German spy, and I don't know it?

At the very end - a song to all brave fighters!!!

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  • James Westerfield says:

    All those topless Sherman’s. Fortunately, going topless is OK in France, so no harm done. Keep up the report.

  • Gloow says:

    As the matter of fact I did the same mistake as you Krocionorzec. In my first turn I left my PzIV platoon without cover. They survived only because you were unlucky with dice roll. Damn stablisers. I think that usage of stabilisers should be an option.

  • Krocionorzec says:

    Thanks! We don’t have enough space in home to keep whole FoW landscapes 🙂

  • Oberst Nagten says:

    Creative use of TANKS! terrain +1