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Railway at Vire held for now

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VS United States
All American

The battle was fought on a Burning Bridges DD-tournament in Nexus.

The Armies

The Germans had a Panzergrenadier Company with 2 large Platoons with 2 Panzershcreck teams each and a third small Platoon. All Platoons and HQ had panzerfausts. The Compnay also consisted of 2 heavy machine guns and a mortar section. In support were 2 Pumas, a Nebelwerfer battery and three Tigers. The Tigers and Pumas were in reserve and the machine guns lay in ambush.

The Americans brought Armored Rifle Company with two rifle Platoons and one 81mm Mortar Platoon. In support he had one M10 platoon, one M4(76) Platoon and a Priest battery.

The mission

The enemy had just broken through first line of defenses and had to break through the next one, at a small railway station just outside Vire, while the Germans threw whatever reserves they could buster at their breakthrough force. It was going to be an all-in dogfight.

The battle was fought over a railway station near Vire. One objective was in the town behind the railway station and the otherone was in a forest in front of the station. I deployed one strong Platoon in the town, one weak platoon in the small building on his left flank and one strong Platoon in the forest. I deployed minefields outside the forest.

The armies deployed and ready for battle.

Round 1

He rushed forwards with his entire force. He hit two of my Nebelwerfers with his mortars but they lacked the firepower to kill them. His Priests bombarded the small building on my right flank but failed to hit any team.

My Nebelwerfers stayed pinned down. I bombarded him with Mortars but did little damage. I managed to bail out one halftrack.

Round 2

He repeated his first round, moving nearer and bombarding the locations as before. This time he pinned down the infantry in the building and managed to kill two of my nebelwerfers.

I revealed my ambush, the heavy machine guns in the railway station. I managed to kill 5 of his rifle teams, including a bazooka team.

The German heavy machine guns ambush his infantry mowing them down just short of the forest.

Round 3

He managed to dig in his rifle Platoon but his tanks and halftracks stopped in front of the minefield while trying to soften up the German resistance. His mortar killed one infantry team in the building and his artillery killed one team in the forest.

I didn’t manage to unpin my Panzergranadiers but continued to bombard his halftracks and M10s with no damage. I also continued to shoot at his infantry with the heavy machine guns with no effect.

Round 4

He managed to kill one of my Panzergrenadier teams in the building with his mortars.

My tigers arrived from reserves. They spent their round driving to the battle and did not shoot. I managed to pin down his Rifle Platoon but did not kill any team.

The Tigers arrive

Round 5

He unpinned his rifles. He continued to bombard me in the forest but only managed to pin me down.

I got my Pumas from reserve and deployed them on my left flank ready to engage his Mortars and/or artillery. My tigers shot at his M10 killing one and bailing one crew out.

The Tigers kill one M10. The Pumas can be seen just to the left of the far-away hill in his rear.

Round 6

He dismounted a Platoon and assaulted the building on my right flank. He won the assault but at a high cost to him. He lost 2 teams to defensive fire. His artillery and mortars were effective against my infantry in the forest. I lost one panzershreck team and 2 infantry teams.

I now realized that my minefields should have been 2 cm further forward. Then I would have forced him to send his some teams into the minefields or he would have lost.

He was committed to the forward objective so I decided to move the defending Platoon from the other objective to the battle. Either they would join the battle or he would be tempted to split his forces. The men were hesitant to follow their leader when he shouted to them.

The other strong Platoon rushes to the battle abandoning the objective in the town.

The end

My tigers killed another M10 and my pumas killed 1 mortar team and bailed another out.

His mortars then fled the battle. He split his forces to threaten the other objective, convincing me to send back the platoon that just left. He killed one machine gun team convincing the other to flee. He killed one Tiger with his M10s.

The pumas kill the mortars.

I managed to kill the remaining M10s. The Pumas and Priests engaged each other without a kill.

The situation at the end.

I managed to take a strong position in the town again. Then the time was up (each game in the tournament only lasted 2.5 hours). The result was a draw 3-3.

Thanks for a fun game Jökull.

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