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VS Soviet
King Aslan

Villers Bocage, now heavily defended by the Soviet Allies, is a crucial location for the war effort. As such, we dispatched a Tiger, Panther and Panzer, spear headed by Ernst Barkmann. We hope that this deadly force is able to take out the Soviets…in which intelligence reports states IS85 and T35/84s sightings in the locality.
We have the element of surprise and are able to come in from “choice” deployment corners. This is an added advantage for us as we are able to take shots from the rear of the enemy tanks.

The sequence of events as followed are in our favour. The dice rolls however are a totally different story. We needed to occupy the objective by the 8th “hour” but by the 6th, we suffered too heavy casualties forcing a retreat. We now trot back with humiliation, awaiting a reprimand from high command.


Enemy deployed an all round defense.

The IS-85 takes care of south while the 2 x T-84s secures the north which is fairly open ground. The IS-85 faces some terrain obscurity which impedes its firing arcs.

First to arrive is Panzer IV which spots the 2 T-84s. IS-85 is no where to be seen yet.
Panther approaches cautiously amongst the bocage. Gaining cover and hopefully with initiative superiority plans to take out the T-84 with a pre-emptive strike.
Tiger 1 came in last at the opposite corner. Sneaking through the rock formation and ruined monastery, we plan to force the IS-85 out of the secured area.

Opening Salvos

As planned, the IS-85 moved out of position to take out the Tiger. Morale was high initially but luck dumb it down to an annoying experience. The Tiger finally gave its last burst of fire only to damage the enemy slightly.
The Panzer IV move up fast into the rear hoping to take out the enemy. Due to heavy terrain and lots of buildings, little to no damage was done. However, it forced the enemy to maneuver in and out of the secure point and buildings.


The Panther and Panzer IV now contesting the objective are now facing the wrath of the Soviets which quickly scrambled back into the area.
We managed to take out only 1 of the T-85s and heavily damaged the other enemy tanks. But not before incurring heavy damage to itself. Busted tank tracks were quickly repaired only to face an unwanted bailed out of the crew.


The fight during the last few rounds was fierce. The TIGER was not suppose to be defeated easily and early into the game. The plan was for the tiger to force the IS-85 out of the secured area. We didn't take into account that the enemy would abandon the objective and get all his tanks to go after the TIGER with COORDINATED FIRE. It was an uphill battle thereafter. A fierce fight that led to the loss. What a bother!

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