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Matthew F. (Username Unknown)

*I dont remember all of the details of some of the turns, so I will do what I can*

“Blyat, Colonel Drozdov screamed, why are the guns still firing. According to his watch, the artillery was to cease firing 10 minutes ago, but shells kept falling even as his men charged off the landing crafts. The scouts must have given inaccurate information, because the boats landed directly in front of an enemy garrison. Charge forward, Drozdov shouted, there is nowhere to go but forward!”

The German strong point, with wire on the left and right flank. One company of grenadiers in the left cluster of houses, one of the right cluster

Setup and Turn 1 - 3

2 Companies of motor rifles landed on the beach, the KV companies did not make their way to the beach though. The initial German turn destroyed at least half of the initial landing party. During the first soviet turn, I was able to get the KVs onto the beach and clear some mines. The German turn resulted in some punishing fire from the 88', killing two of the KV-1s, and some devastating artillery on my infantrymen. The Soviet turn two was incredible, while my infantry were pinned down on the beach, the KV-1 company managed to take out the 88' with an absolutely punishing bombardment. The 1 KV-1s that survived the 88s pushed up the beach and managed to kill an infantry team hiding in a building with a main cannon shot.

Turn 4 - 6: Soviet Momentum Increases

With the soviet OT-34s, t-70s, and an artillery battery on the beach, my situation seemed to be improving. While the German machine gun fire killed alot of my infantry during these turns, I was not dismayed because I could just bring in another company of soldiers. During these turns I was able to kill a mortar pit with fire from my KV-1 company, 2 machine gun nests with flamethrowers from my OT-34s, and was able to get some more infantry just a few feet over the sea wall before they got gunned down. I tried to assault the 5cm gun with a tank, but got destroyed in the process.

Turn 7-9: The Momentum Is Lost!

Despite the best efforts of my OT-34s, who was able to burn out more than a few infantry, a gun team, the attack had stalled. Even though I poured more infantry on the beach, I was not able to get more than a few feet over the sea wall before I was cut down by machine gun fire. Even though I was able to get my artillery on the beach, they did absolutely nothing in this battle.

Turn 10-12: A Failed Assault

I knew that the battle was over by turn 9 and that the assault had failed, but I was determined to see the fight out to its end. During the last 3 turns, I put more bodies on the beach to absorb more fire, and did everything I could to make sure that I had bodies in the hinterlands by the end of the battle. My KV-1 company also moved through the beach exit to make sure I had something a bit hardier in case the machine guns were able to cut down the advancing infantry.

No matter how hard I tried or how much I threw at the defenses, I was not able to even get within 8" of either of the objectives. I dont know what I could have done differently with the models that I currently have. I am hoping that with next week's missions, I can secure a victory for the soviets. For the Motherland!

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Matthew F. (Username Unknown)