D-Day Global Campaign

Flames of War Global Campaign

Spear to the heart

United States
VS Axis

Spear to the heart!

Dust up Vs Greyhound panzergrenadiers

As part of US 1st Army the men of 2nd armour were tasked with aggressive movements in order to prevent any support reaching the German troops trapped in the Falaise pocket.

While making manoeuvres near Argentan B company's supporting armoured rifles hear the rumble of half-tracks which certainly were not friendly, they had encountered a large German force.

Armoured rifles dig in covering my objectives in the field and barn.
Thanks to an incredibly aggressive spearhead the 88s deployed right on the US flank.

Now I don't normally talk much about deployment but here it really dictated the course of the entire battle. Alex played an absolute blinder using his puma's road dash to spearhead right down the open table quarter on my right and deploy a 4 gun battery of Flak 88s and stummels.

These guns were sitting exactly where my reserve shermans would arrive and I knew I had to destroy them or they'd easily destroy my force.

The US go first so Stuarts fire with stabilisers and only bail a stummel on the right and the cavalry recon miss their shots on the 88s. The German's return AT fire sees off the Stuarts as the stummel remounts but my recce go unscathed.

Stuarts try their best, but can't contend with the amount of firepower in front of them and are swiftly dealt with.
Captured 122mm guns range in and destroy a 105mm sherman.

Enemy artillery ranges in on my 105s and manage to brew up one of the Shermans, who had repositioned to hide from the dastardly 88s. The guns were still dominating my right flank as they saw off my cavalry recon patrol who's mortar had failed to destroy any.

My 105s did see some success, their bombardment knocking out an 88 but to my dismay three panthers appear on the left flank supporting the mounted panzergrenadiers, who had been making cautious moves wary of the ARP.

The ARP spot half-tracks ahead but the Germans stay out of range waiting for support.
The Germans get their support, three big cats appear and fire at my 105s.

Thanks to the arrival of the panthers my 105s had to reposition, saving the Flaks from a repeat bombardment. This was incredibly worrying as on arrival my shermans would have three 88s and two pumas to contend with.

The stummels moved up to direct fire against my 105s but are instead knocked out by the M4 howitzers. 88s see off my recce and my Sherman 76s arrive.

The US tanks open up on the Flaks but hit only 2 of 16 shots, failing to pin the guns let alone knock one of them out as I hoped. The careful shermans must assault or it would be a turkey shoot next turn, the odds were poor however and two tanks bail out on the approach halting the US assault.

The 76s arrive but there appears to be little they could do against the powerful Flaks and their turn tables.
The guns swing round and stop the assault, no prizes for guessing what happend to the Shermans next.

Things are quiet on the US left as the Germans knew not to commit and risk losses if the Flaks could win the battle on the right by breaking my force.

The Flaks finish off the 76s with ease, high velocity shells tearing through their front armour. The Sherman HQ arrives from reserve and has the same task as the 76s before them, but with less shots to do it. They also fail to kill a gun and make a carefully positioned assault but the 4 8.8cm rounds fired are enough to bail them both out. Subsequent fire was more than enough to destroy the bailed out HQ and break my formation.

8-1 to the Germans, Alex absolutely ruined any plans I had with his spearhead deployed 88s and reserves arriving in front of them was a disaster!

All quiet on the left as panthers miss 105s and panzergrenadiers await the American retreat.
The US HQ have to charge if they want a chance to salvage the battle, the 88s soon put paid to that idea!

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  • General Fuchs says:

    Nice report.

  • LucasHW says:

    Yeah seems the consensus is that the table was a bit open, the walls they have at Gameshub Edinburgh sure are great but I’ve no idea where they were bought as they were donated to the store by a patron Leifurs

  • Leifurs says:

    Good report. You are allowed to dash with Spearhead units, but not use movement orders. The table is way to open. I really like those walls, are they from Battlefront?

  • Currahee says:

    I don’t have the rules available but we’d never allowed anything more than a tactical move for the spearhead units. A road dash seems utterly contrary to the spirit of the rule. On a 4×6′ table just a foot is huge IMHO.

  • Oberst Nagten says:

    Tough fight

  • LucasHW says:

    If it had been a more mobile battle I’d have used the LOS blocking tertian better but it was kind of irrelevant with the 88s being at the arrival point for my reserves

  • Ruchey says:

    Terrain is so important in this game. Otherwise tank walls and guns crush all

  • All American says:

    Pretty open table for the 88 to rule 😉