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Failed normandy breaktrough

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VS Axis

Last Sunday we played cornered at Vire.

I’ve attacked the panzergrenadiers with a Hero Motor Rifle Battalion
with lots of artillery, SPGs, armoured cars and tanks.

After leaving his Tigers and the second panzergrenadier platoon as reserves, my opponent deployed
his infantry, mortars and arty around the objectives behind the bocage. Spearheading his Pumas,
he deployed the 88’s and PAK40’s on the other side.

I’ve deployed my forces on the other side. 122mm arty, 82mm and 120mm mortars in the back, two motor rifle
companies in the mid-left. SU-76’s on the left, SU-152’s in the middle. Armoured cars, T-34’s and
and an SMG armed tank riders on the right.

First turn saw my forces closing in on the germans. Shooting was ineffective.
My opponents Tiger tanks arrived from reserve. Smoke was laid down to cover his left flank.
The Tigers managed to bail one of the SU-152’s. His arty destroyed one armoured car and
one T-34 and killed some of the tank riding infantry.

Second turn I’ve advanced, no real damage was done in the shooting phase.
The SU-152’s and the motor rifle company assaulted the panzergrenadiers. The infantry assault
was unsuccessful, his defensive fire was very effective. The heavy SPG’s did not do any damage,
He counterattacked, did no real damage. Then the SPG’s broke off.
On his turn the panzergrenadier reserves arrived. The Pumas bailed one T-34. The infantry on
his right flank killed some of the motor rifle company. The Tigers killed one SU-152.

Third turn, the motor rifle infatry moved around in the middle, and the tank riders dismounted.
PTRD teams bailed one of the pumas. The remaining SMG teams assaulted and killed his 88’s.
On his turn, the newly arrived panzergrenadiers dismounted. The Puma moved around the forest and bailed out the T-34/85.
The combined firepower of his panzergrenadiers and their SPW’s killed the whole motor rifle
company and the battalion hq in the middle.

Fourth turn saw me move the SU-152 and killing one Puma.
On his turn his remaining Puma ran off the table.

At this point I’ve surrendered. While the first wave might have failed, but many more will come!

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