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Adrian's Germany Forces outflanked in Caen

VS Axis
Universal carriers have extended the British Army's deployment zone
The Sherman formation was put on the left flank. Two M10s as a support were put together with Shermans.
Four Priest were put in the corner of battle place.
Two rifle infantry platoons, after removing two minefields, moved with Carriers towards the objective marker
M10s destroyed one Panther tank, while British mortars put a smokescreen in front of the other Panther tanks and the Grenadier Platoon
M10s destroyed the next two Panther tanks
One Sherman platoon was destroyed, but the rest of the formation blocked the remaining Panzer's IV and two Tigers tanks as well as HQ Panther that came out of reserve
Priests destroyed one Panzer IV
Supporting Churchills tanks and rifle infantry moved to capture objective by pushing one grenadier team
Sherman formation protected the left flank against the HQ Panther and the Tigers
To avoid breaking the Sherman formation, the HQ Sherman tank was moved to a safer position

British forces won a game in 7th turn by taking objective with the help of rifle infantry platoons. British lost one Sherman platoon (13 points) and two Universal Carriers platoons (2x 2 points). German lost one Panther platoon (3 tanks) and one Panzer IV platoon (also 3 tanks).

The most important was destroying 3 Panthers by two M10s. Priests and Churchils also did their part. Universal carriers were destroyed but successfully fired at German grenadiers. The infantry removed minefields and finally took the objective.

It was a really great pleasure to play with Adrian "Outflanked in Caen" scenario.

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