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Gurkha nightmare

United States
VS British

Hi, one week ago I had the honour to play with Gawain in Estalia. He had British so I had to use my old German troops in an effort to stop the allied invasion. Due to his great report I am only going to relate the German view of the battle.
The mission was breakthrough and I was the defender so I deployed my infantry platoon supported by two Flak 8,8 protecting the objective in the center and I hoped to reach the second objective with a anti tank gun platoon. My artillery and the second anti tank platoon in the protecting my left flank. My panzer IV was in ambush. My other infantry and stug platoons remained in reserve.
1st Turn.
The enemy attacked with a Gurkha platoon to my infantry and 8,8 guns. They got destroy two teams and one gun. One of his reco platoon and the other infantry platoon advenced against my left flank shooting my anti tank platoon there while his M10 remaining hidden in the forest. In my turn I tried to counterattack them in the center but my infantry only got more casualties, however the objective still mine. My panzer IV appeared to fire his scout unit and destroy them.
2nd Turn.
Their mortars pinned my artillery down and the Gurkhas assaulted again my infantry platoon destroying the last 8,8 and conquering the objective. I tried to move my panzer IV platoon to the second objective at dash. I fired with all my guns and I got the infantry platoon pinned down due to my artillery support.
3rd Turn.
Gawain tried to eliminate my guns in the left flank and star to move the second recon platoon to the second objective. He fired my anti tank guns and eliminated them. I reached with my panzer platoon to the second objective.
4th turn.
He advanced with the infantry to eliminate my left flank and reach the last house. He destroyed my guns and took cover in the house. Suddenly my infantry platoon appeared there and assaulted there, gurkhas were forced to withdraw. In the center of the table my German platoon remained pinned down.
5 th turn
British received the support of one churchill and one 5 pdr platoon. They fired to my panzer iv platoon and eliminated one of them. Now, it was my last turn if I wanted to win I would have to assault the Gurkha platoon in the first objective, I didn’t pass the motivation test and I lost the battle because I couldn’t repelled the Gurkha in the center and Gawain started the 6th Turn controlling this objective.
British victory!!

German left flank
German main objective
British departure positions
Gurkha consolidating the objective and the M10 hidden in the forest
British reinforces in the second objective
British victory

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