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what I saw happen at Lorient

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VS United States
Allied Bombing over Lorient

Hail Hitler,
I must report extremely bad news. The Americans have broken through our defenses of the outskirts of Lorient. as of this very moment they roll with impunity down the main roads to our submarine base.
We have lost a wolf pack home to these Americans.

It was a bloody battle that lasted for 17 rounds but the Americans destroyed our entire two companies of Tanks and PanzerGrenadiers! one two teams survive. well there was a tiger tank commander who ran but he was later executed for being a coward. one of the teams that escaped was the PanzerGrenadier company commander. he was shot for such gross negligence in planning the Lorient defense causing us to loose a very valuable stronghold of the Atlantic.

We have dealt with all their failures and will stop this advance of Evil.

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