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VS Soviet
Mount Pincon
Mount Pincon

scenario was that a Russian force that must have landed with allies on D-Day are charging towards Mont-Pincon! Russians fighting with British on the same front! We must destroy these rouge Russians!

I found a picture from a book about a small town on Mont-pincon, I tried to recreate that town. I could not find it again to upload into this report.

in the first round we charged forward and opened fire immediately! we caused a crew to jump out of the tank and another was caused to burn!
Russians charged forward towards the town like insects infesting the houses! but the tanks rolled onto the mousetraps, the long forgotten minefield claimed a couple more tanks. we could hear the noise of more armor but they must have gotten stuck in the bocage!

Round 2:
we charged forward and claimed the houses to the south. the tank killers finished off another tank. then the exterminators rolled up and torched the house... let em burn! My brother is in Kursk! let the rockets fall on the other half of the Russian infantry while the pak's killed another Tank.
Russian's countered, and took out a half-track and infantry team. Their cheap rockets fell but my men held strong!

3rd round:
the full strength of my flame-thrower platoon lit up the house again while my HMG's covered doors and windows. my scouts moved in to begin chewing up the infantry on the other side. then the grenadiers charged the last tank in town killing it easily! then lastly the rockets chewed up a few more, we had them so pinned down, that their faces have impressions into the dirt!
Russia continues to struggle through the bocage with the pitiful excuse of a tank. the infantry were to busy wetting themselves to do anything. the commander is the only one with balls as he charges into town.

4th round:
we annihilated most of the remaining Russian infantry with machine guns and rockets then torched the commanders tank. he survived but black is a much better color.
Russians turned tail and ran away since 66% of their force has been destroyed!

4th round:
Germany rolls into town with impunity!

5th round:
we reinforce and dig in.

6th round:
only signs the Russians were here are the blackened helmets amoungst the piles of bones.

in the end we routed the Russians but after we destroyed 2.5 units.

For the motherland!

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