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Good grief, I have been trying to upload photos and finish this report over the past couple of days and have had nothing but trouble from this engine. – not happy.

The Russian approached Argentan with the Germans waiting in defence, little did both forces realize they were almost equal in capabilities and strength. The Germans set up with a Panther platoon (4x veh) in ambush, Command vehicles and a Armoured Pz Gren platoon holding the centre and German right flank, The Germans had a Pz Gren platoon and Pz IV platoon (4x veh) on their left flank. The Russians still operating with Churchills sent two platoons on their left flank, 2x ISU-152 and 57mm ATG in the centre, a Churchill platoon (3x veh) and T-35 76/75 (3x veh) and the battery of 122mm was on the Russians right.

Turn 1- Russian advance all but the 122mm guns, no aircraft for support. The 57mm guns fire at the Pz IV platoon no hits. The Germans move the Pz Gren on the left flank forward into houses, no shooting.

Turn 2 – Russians continue their advance, 57mm ATG remain in place and fire at Pz IV platoon bailing one tank, 122mm Arty kills 1x stand of the Armoured Pz Gren and pins the platoon. The Germans unpin the Armoured Pz Gren platoon and remounts Pz IV, no shooting but they withdraw the 2x Command Pz IV.

Turn 3 – Russians move forward and the Infantry now occupy buildings within MG range of the Armoured Pz Gren, and the T-34 platoon moves up to fire on the Pz IV Platoon. Lots of dice rolled no hits (mostly 6’s required to hit). The German Pz IV platoon fires at the T-34 platoon destroying a T-34/76 and bailing the T-34/85. The Armoured Pz Gren platoon fires at the Russian Inf Platoon.

Turn 4 – Russian left flank moves forward and has almost flanked the Germans, Lots of shooting by the Russians but the dice gods have determined there will be no damage to the Germans. The Germans pop their Panther Ambush destroying 1x Churchill of the Russian left, the Pz Iv platoon engages the T-34 platoon double bailing the T34/85, the Russian Platoon fails all motivation rolls and the surviving T-34 flees. The Armoured Pz Gren platoon and 251’s fire at the Infantry platoon killing 1x stand and pinning the platoon.

Turn 5 – The Churchill Platoon on the left flank (now 2x veh) tries to get away from the Panthers, the 57mm ATG knock out 2x Pz IVs, ISU-152, Arty, and Inf platoon target the Armoured Pz Gren platoon pining the platoon and killing 1x stand. Il-2 finally show up to target the Panthers but no hits and fly away. The surviving Pz IVs withdraw and the Panther platoon bailed out 1x Churchill.

Turn 6 – The Russians remount the bailed Churchill and the platoon withdraws away from the Panthers but they do not follow deciding to remain close to an objective. The Russians destroy 1x 251, the Russian right flank is quite so the Churchill platoon moves towards the right objective keeping in mind the Pz Gren have Panzerfaust. The 57mm move towards the left flank to target Armoured Pz Gren and try to get in range of the Panthers. The Germans unpin their Armoured Pz Gren platoon and kill 1x Infantry stand.

Turn 7 – The Russians poor fire into the 251’s and Armoured Pz Gren destroying one veh and killing one stand pinning the platoon with Arty. The Churchills on the right move closer to an objective. The German’s move their Panthers forward to engage the Russian Inf to keep them away from the second Objective killing 1x stand.

Turn 8 – The Il-2 have not come back since turn 5, not happy. Both objectives are in close to being captured by the Russians, the 251’s are finally forced to go away and the Armoured Pz Gren platoon is starting to thin out. The Pz Gren on the right leave their buildings to get within Panzerfaust range and bail out one of the Churchills. Panthers are firing furiously into the Russian Infantry platoon managing to kill two stands but the platoon is a large platoon is unwavered.

Turn 9 – The Il-2 final show up, a ISU-152 knocks out 1x Panther and the Russians remount the Churchill tank on the right, machine gunning the Pz Gren in the open killing 2x stands. At the start of turn 9 Russians were within 4″ of both objectives with the Germans unable to contest the objectives the game ended.

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  • apella says:

    Nice report

  • Leifurs says:

    Fine report. This has not happened with me. The only problem I had was when the filenames contain accents, then it switches to random-mode. Use only English letters in filenames.

  • MAUS says:

    Hi Alyksandyr, I tried that several times this weekend and choose the photo I want add comment and then when it goes into the threat is switches to a photo from an older game. The photos from the older game are in a separate folder labelled with the date played so there is no way I can up load the wrong photo. Then when I try to edit or delete the incorrect picture the system crashes. I log out log back in and try again with the same result. Even this time in gallery mode photos from older games and not selected by myself appeared. I have clicked on the help link but nothing happens.

  • Alyksandyr says:

    I’d recommend that you change from gallery to individual pictures and add captions.

  • MAUS says:

    Thank you, everyone

  • Ruchey says:

    Soviet win! Good work, comrade!

  • Steeler17 says:

    I feel your pain on getting the reports on this venue. It’s a bit of pain.Good report.

  • Oberst Nagten says:

    solid report

  • MAUS says:

    Thank you

  • General Fuchs says:

    Good report