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Shootout at Roen

VS Axis

As the Russians approached another German held village the troops were confident but cautious as the German Panthers and Pz Grenadiers have ripped holes in their ranks. Their assignment was to capture the village of Rouen or not come back.

Set up - Left flank of the Russian forces.
Set up - Russian centre and right flank
Set up - German Armoured Panzer Grenadiers, Panzer Grenadiers and Pz III OP awaiting the arrival of those drunk Russians.
Set up - The rest of the German set up SP Arty, the German commander placed his Panthers in reserves.
T-34 platoon (2x T-34/76,1x T-34/85) and Churchill platoon (3x veh) move up the left flank.
The Russians move up the centre and Right flank. the ISU-152 kills 1x Panzer Gren stand and 122mm Battery destroys 1x 251 and pins the Armoured Pz Gren Platoon. The German OP calls in arty fire on the Russian Inf Platoon killing 1x stand and pinning the platoon, the 251 vehicles move out of the arty template.
The Russians move up the left flank with the T-34 trying to flank the Armoured Pz Gren and the Churchill platoon engaging the 251's. The 251's were also engaged by the 57mm ATG resulting in another vehicle destroyed.
The Russians push two Churchill platoons up the right flank as the ATG, ISU and infantry push the centre, the flame in the photo is the German OP burning and the Germans are down to 2x SPG.
Another view from the right flank.
German reinforcements arrive right behind the T-34 platoon making quick work of them and will eventually kill the Churchill platoon on the left flank.
Russians continue to push on the centre and right flank, the Germans moved up their SPG to bounce rounds off the front of the Churchills.
Russian Centre and right pounding away at the Germans, they are down to 1 bailed out SPG and the Pz Gren platoon is hurting.
The Russian Left flank is on fire, the Panthers moving across the board with little hope as they are exposing their sides to ATG and ISU's the Pz Gren platoon was wiped out along with the SPG. There is only 4x Panthers left a IL-2 got one.
Deathride of the Germans, the Armoured Pz Gren tried to run across the open ground only to be met by MG fire the Panthers were flanked so the German commander decided withdrawal the remaining forces instead of having them wiped out resulting in the Russians occupying the town.

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