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Feel my M4(76) Hans!

United States
Max Steiner
VS Axis

Near St. Lo 1944
American M4 Tank Company vs Pz IV Panzer Company
HQ 2 X M4 Sherman
Platoon #1 4 X M4 Sherman
Platoon #2 4 X M4 Sherman
Platoon #3 4 X M4 (76) Sherman

German OOB
HQ 2 X Pz IV Panzers
Platoon #1 5 X Pz IV Panzers
Platoon #2 35 X Pz V Panzers (AKA Panthers)

Points 72 German vs 73 US

Germans kept the HQ and Panther units off table as reserves.
US player kept the M4 (76) tank platoon of the table as reserve.

The Germans were able to deploy the Pz IV panzer platoon in Ambush.

US Turn 1
The Sherman tanks moved forward and no action was taken.
German Turn 1
The Pz IV platoon deployed its ambush in the woods right in front of one of the Sherman platoons.
The ambush was complete and there were no survivors.

US Turn 2
The HQ platoon and the one remaining M4 Sherman platoon move forward to engage the Mark IV panzer platoon.
German Turn 2
Panther reserves have arrived! Deployed just behind the US column of Shermans taking out the tail end Sherman in the M4 Platoon.

US Turn 3
Reserves: none
Sherman Company HQ and remaining platoon pushed forward to engage the Pz IV platoon in the woods, taking out one panzer in the process and bailed out the platoon commander..

German Turn 3
German platoon commander remounted in his Pz IV and passed the cross check to move out of the woods to face the Sherman group. Two out of three remaining Pz IV panzers also passed their cross check and moved out of the woods to face he US threat. This resulted in one Bailed Out US Sherman. The Panther platoon moves forward down the road toward the US objectives. German HQ platoon shows up on the battlefield firing on the Sherman platoon but missing.

US Turn 4
Reserves: What’s that?
US HQ platoon moved right up to the hedge to get side shots at a Panther only to get a Bail Out on it.
The standoff between the M4 platoon and the German Pz IV platoon resulted in one more tank gone in a fireball.
German Turn 4
Panther tanks turn to face the US HQ platoon fired and missed! Whew!
Pz IV platoon is now joined by the fourth tank now that it got itself out of the woods to help the rest of the platoon. Result? One dead Sherman and two Bailed Out Shermans. This is not looking good for the Amis right now.
Pz IV HQ platoon moves forward.

US Turn 5
Reserves have arrived! Two out of four made their cross check into the field to seize the objective blowing away the Pz IV HQ platoon in the process!
HQ Sherman platoon went onto the road to hit one of the Panthers on the side resulting in a Bail Out.

German Turn 5
Pz IV platoon fires at lone Sherman platoon taking out one tank and Bailing Out the other.
M4(76) hold on to the objective.
Panthers fired on the HQ platoon, destroying one and Bailing Out the other tank.
Down to the wire folks. Can the US hold on?

US Turn 6
Sherman platoon remounted and survived the last stand test!
HQ Sherman remounted!

German panzer IV company is falling back!

Victory for the US after losing only one unit!

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United States
Max Steiner