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Initial Orne Bridge Skirmish

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VS Axis

What a better way to spend an overcast Sunday afternoon that with a mate and a cheeky 50pt game of Flames of War. Myself and Noyjatat have been busily building our respective forces for some time now and I have to say that the Germans that I was facing were looking awesome.

We had a look at the theatres for the campaign and both decided upon Orne Bridge as our chosen area of battle. We decided to go with a mission from the rulebook as I was not fielding any Paras so it felt right to choose some other mission – Noyjatat rolled the dice and hit a 6 – so we were playing the “Hasty Attack” mission.

My 50pt force was:

50pt List

Not having access at home to a full 6 x 4 we did what any gamer would do and used the dining room table with a matt chucked over it :)

I think we had a pretty decent layout at the end of it and we also adjusted the deployment zone to take into account the smaller table size.

Battlefield Set Up

In keeping with the campaign, we decided that the British would be the attackers and the Germans would be defending.

This mission required the attacker to place two objectives in the defenders deployment zone and then after deployment to remove one. I decided to place both of my objectives either to the left and right hand sides of the deployment zone in the hope that Noyjatat would split his force a bit. This did work a little as the 88's went to my right hand side - so the choice was made - I was going left!!!

Pesky 88's

Turn 1 - British

Having been quite gun-ho in some previous games of FoW, I decided to take things a little slower this time and go with Blitz moves and then try to get off some sneeky shots. I managed to blitz with everything.

Daimler unit move left to try to start to hug some hard cover. They managed to get 2 shots off against the Panzers but nothing landed.

Sherman Unit - 2 shots from the 75mm - both missed but the trusty Firefly hit and destroyed 1 Panzer from the German HQ unit.

Sherman HQ unit - 4 shots from 2 Shermans needing 7's. It hit (6 followed by 5) and managed to destroy another Panzer - so that was the HQ out.

Turn 1 - Germans

A Panzer unit comes out from hard cover to take a demanding presence in the middle of the board. The 88's guns swing round to face down the road and too aim at the Firely - bang!! That was the Firefly cooked.

88 is way in the distance!!
Aiming at the Germans HQ

Turn 2 - British

Reserve roll made at +5 and the second Sherman Unit comes onto my right hand side of the board to apply some pressure to the 88s.

Daimler unit now was closing the distance to the remaining objective.

Other Sherman Unit after failing to blitz made a tactical move towards to the Panzers and the Sherman HQ blitzed into a slightly better position with some hard cover.

Shooting is pretty easy - everything missed!!!

Turn 2 -Germans

Because of the loss of the HQ unit the Germans failed their Formation Last Stand and it was an win for the Brits.

To be honest we both said after the game that its our feeling that at the low points games because the Germans are an elite army they are at a disadvantage to the Formation Last Stand - personally not away I'd like to win at that early point but a good deal of tactical learning right from the start and Noyjatat is an excellent opponent - the first of many battle reports I hope.

Sherman HQ moving to cover

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  • Recce Forever says:

    Great AAR and pictures, way to go

  • Red Beaver says:

    Gret report. Stylish and well written. Thanks.

  • Krocionorzec says:

    Great idea with black and white pics!

  • Oberst Nagten says:

    A legal PzIV force must have 8 PzIV minimum (43 points) Subbing in the STG would be a ‘historic’ variant but you’re supposed to have HQ + 2 required platoons in a formation. House rules can be anything you like, of course, and some panzer units (incl 22 PZ REGT of 21st Pz Div) included STG III. but used this way the STG should have been ‘core’ leaving only the 88s as support.

    Consider the mixed PzIII/IV company in Fortress Europe to get your numbers up. The MKIII is just as survivable as the MKIV. You can save 4 points in your HQ and 5 in your 2nd Platoon giving you a 34-point tank company. 13 points of Marders brings you to 47. You don’t have the 88s but fighting in a town or heavily wooded area 88s are not my favorite

    This mix would nicely simulate Pz Ausbuildings Abteilung 100, too

    of course, models might limit you but a MKIII can be easily represented by a MKIV (my second platoon has 5cm guns!) and the STGs stand in for Marders if you don’t have the right toys

  • Gale says:

    Digging the style of the BatRep!
    Way to go logging another one for the good guys!

  • Love the look of your report!

  • Guderian67 says:

    Fair enough. I know it’s hard for the germans at 50 points, but I really would have considered taking a second pzIV unit instead of the stugs, just to make the formation a bit less brittle.

  • Mbbelius says:

    @James – I used a standard mono filter on my phone and then just uploaded to google photos so that I could then link from my PC.

    @Guderian67 – I believe that both the 88’s and Stugs were support options and yep agreed we realised that the HQ unit isn’t required to be one of the 2 units remaining (after checking the rulebook 🙂 )

  • James Westerfield says:

    The grey scale photos are interesting. How do you do that?

  • Guderian67 says:

    Hi. I’m a little confused regarding the outcome. Looking at your opponent’s picture of his force (as there’s no list given), it looks like he has HQ PzIV, PzIV, STuG, 88. If the 88’s and stugs are both support units, then yes, that’s poor list-building and losing either of his core formation units loses him the game. But if the stugs are also core, then losing the HQ platoon doesn’t lose him the game, as he still has two core units left. I know that a lot of people interpret the formation last stand rules as requiring you to have the HQ unit on the board and I’m wondering if that’s what happened here?