D-Day Global Campaign

Flames of War Global Campaign

Carnage at the Seine

VS United States
David (+Paulo)

Tanks game, played at 85 pts.

My force contained a jagpanther (upgraded with “aggressive loader”) + 2 panzer IV´s + 1 Stug G.

The US force contained 3x Sherman 75mm + 1 Sherman 76mm.

This game meaned something special for me.

It was played between me and a brother of mine who is thousands of miles from me in Cape Verde. The game was played via Skype, with my brother David giving the orders, and my other brother (Paulo) moving the tanks and rolling the dice …

My strategy was to have the Jagpanther run for the objective on the bridge, while 1 panzer IV and Stug made covering fire protected by terrain. Onmy left flank a Panzer IV is tries to flank the enemy …

In the first round the American tanks fire their from protected positions … They fire everything at the Jagpanther who is my most exposed tank and the one closer to the objective … Suffers damage but is not destroyed.

In the second round the American tanks are forced to move to a more exposed position to dispute the objective with jagpanther.

In the next shootout, the jagpanther does not resist and is destroyed … An American 75mm tank is also destroyed …

Meanwhile the flanking panzer IV crosses the river and has some lucky shots and destroys the Sherman 76mm …

In the end of the 3rd turn the battle seems to be on the german side… The americans have only 2 operational tanks and one of them suffers two critical hits on the same turn (damaged engine + bailed out) and is unable to fire or move in the next turn…

After some repairs atempts were made, the affected tank is no longer bailed out and returns fire … The Panzer IV´s get´s damaged and destroyed soon after …

After what seemed like an easy victory, the poor Stug finds himself trying to control the objective, trying to shoot down enemies and trying to survive!

The already damaged StuG takes 3 critical hits in a row (2x shell shocked + Damaged optics), which luckily do no damage… Cold sweat is runing on my forehead…

But the time is for the Allied forces, and the Stug eventually blows up in the face of the fierce fire of the American tanks …

American victory with a carnage well visible all over the battlefield…

PS: The bridge, roads, river and walls were all made last week for this scenario. Simple materials and technics, but quite pleased with the result.

PS2: Don’t let thousands of miles separating you from your game mates keep you from having fun, with some nice miniatures. It is very pleasant for me, to see that the hobby allows a good family time, even at a distance!

Going for the kill!
An american sitting duck!
3 critical hits = zero damage taken!??
Fighting for survival between the flames...
Carnage by the Seine...

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United States
David (+Paulo)