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A bad start...

VS United States

TANKS game 75pts Germans vs US. Mission “cornered” (from week 4)

This is what is called a bad start (for the axis…)

Germans came to the battlefield with 2 Panthers (One of them commanded by Wittmann).
US came with 2 shermans 75mm and 1 Sherman 76mm (commanded by “War Daddy” Pool)

On the first turn, the US tanks moved at full speed, while the germans made only one move, trying to pick some targets…

First shots were fired… Wittmann made some damage, while his companion fails miserably (not one single hit)…
Wittman boldness, exposing himself to get a clear shot cost him dearly, and in the fire exchange, his tank is knock out! On the first turn… Not a good start!

In the second turn, the surviving Panther runs to an objective… The run pays out… He is not able to do any damage to the enemy, but suffers no damage as well, and by the end of turn 3 he holds one objective and gets a victory point!

But the surviving Panther does not have time to celebrate, one Sherman 75 closes in, and close combat starts to see who can keep the objective… On the other corner of the table the other 75mm Sherman holds one objective and earns the first point for the Allies…

On turn 5 the close combat continues, with both the Sherman 75 and the Panther trying to destroy each other with flank shots… Meanwhile “Wardady” 76mm tries to get a shot, but the 75mm is on the way… In the opposite corner of the field, quietly the other 75mm Sherman gains one more point for the allies…

By turn 6 the Panther make another move in utter despair… This time he shoots the Sherman 75 that is holding the objective, he damages it, but fails to destroy it… By now the battle was lost, but before making the 3rd point that granted the victory for the US force, the allies managed to destroy the last Panther, even before the ending of the turn…

So… By 6th turn… Axis (crushing?) defeat… Axis 1 – US -3

A bad bad start for me…

The armies
Starting the battle
First turn moves...
Poor shooting...
Good shooting!
Wittmann takes hits!
Wittmann tank kaput!
Turn 2 advances...
End of turn 3, 1 point for the germans!
End of turn 4, 1 point for the US force...
Turn 5, close combat continues, with both tanks taking and making hits...
Turn 6, game over man, game over!

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