D-Day Global Campaign

Flames of War Global Campaign

British v Germans

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VS British

British Force

German Force

The Battlefield

Hasty Attack

British Turn 1

With the German lines ahead the British forces blitz forward their units to gain better firing positions. O the Left flank the Daimlers move up to threaten the Panzer IV HQ caught out of position. They open fire at one of the two tanks but their aim is off of the shots fly into the stone wall hiding the enemy but they have made it to cover and may survive the exchange.

In the centre the three Shermans come to stop rocking on their tracks, the Firefly lets loose its first round at the enemy HQ, having repositioned for an open shot the gunners aim is true and the shot punches through the front armour. The tank's engine sputters to a stop as smoke begins to billow from the dark hole in its front.

Not to be outdone and spurred on by their adjacent unit the Sherman HQ opens fire, whilst they may not have the devasting firepower of the Firefly they are all veterans in their machines, the combined firepower kills the remaining Panzer IV effectively cutting off the leadership of the enemy force.

German Turn 1

With their lead element destroyed in the opening salvo, the Panzer IV Platoon goes hunting for the enemy, slamming their tanks into drive they move from behind the villages cover to take up a firing position by the main roads stone wall.
With the enemy sighted they slam shells home and loose their own volley of fire against the Sherman HQ. As the smoke clears the cheers turn to groans as the loader slams in a fresh shell, somehow the British armour all survived the hits, their guns already brought to bear on this new threat.

At the other end of the main road, the two 88 teams crank round the heavy anti-tank guns. Having seen the Firefly kill one of the leaders tanks the guns target that enemy unit. The range is long but the teams are no strangers to ambush and with their 571mm rounds already loaded they fire off two shots each in quick succession.
The first shell fired scores a killing hit upon the Firefly the shot hitting the centre of the tracks on its left side and leaving yet another smoking wreck. The second gun underestimaes the range and its shots punch into the wall next to one of the Shermans peppering its armour with shrapnel to no effect.

British Turn 2

Having heard the sounds of engagement up ahead and knowing number count one of the reserve units springs into action entering the field of battle.

With the German Hq taken out and one of the objectives before them, the Daimlers on the left flank push forward using the available stone wall cover to their advantage.

Having seen the 88s position the remaining Shermans blitz move into cover where they can find it. Some tracking guns onto this new target.

Every Sherman gun has a target and unleashes, shots fill the air but in their haste, their aim is not true, the zipping of rounds close to the remaining Panzers hull unnerving the men.

German Turn 2

With their HQ taken out and the British with strong field position and superior numbers, it's all too much for the Germans. Their formation breaks and flees the field leaving the British to take their objectives and win the day.

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