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9th Panzer Division training exercise behind Caen

Oberst Nagten
VS Axis

Training exercise near Caen as 9th Panzer arrives

9th Panzer arrives in Normandy

9th Panzer Division was the last major mobiletruppen formation to reach Normandy, and took over as reserve from 116th Panzer as it entered combat near Mortain

Tanks undergoing repair from 101st SS were detailed to participate in training
The recent battlefield by CAEN was used for the exercise

DA wanted to try German tanks and so we played a German vs German game. No stranger than American vs UK. Wittman took a rare day off for event, driving a Tiger, of course. Scenario cornered. The gray MKIV balanced the points by having tungsten ammo and a reloader so that a miss didn't make the tungsten go away.

SS Panzers Advance
9th Panzers move to contact

The first two turns went roughly as with the British, with the MKIV and two STGs breaking right while the Puma went up the middle and three STGS went left. Wittman et al went up the center. On the second turn Wittman broke toward the Benzin while the other Tiger went toward the suppenkessel, with each supported by a MKIV. DA kept the Puma in the bocage to gain the recon bonus. In the event, the SS unit ended up shooting at STGs threatening to reach the objectives.

One STG took an engine fire and couldn't put it out while one of the SS MKIVs suffered similarly but put out the fire. Another STG ended up shellshocked. That didn't matter much as the STGs already had the lowest initiative in the game.

Next pictures show the tanks moving into contest distance for turn 3

Turn 3 saw some pretty indifferent firing, with the damaged MKIV accompanying Wittman evading another hit but the more heavily damaged MKIV by the suppenkessel succumbing to further damage. STG 2 put out its engine fire and STG 4 remained shellshocked. Advantage, DA. Both objectives ended contested by both sides.

This Wehrmacht officer fights in a strange manner - by sitting on his buttocks

DA did something I wouldn't have expected - his three STGs sat still after blitzing into contest distance and close range of the TIGER in a formation. The Tiger had the choice between the panzer-two step and backing up giving away a VP. I mistakenly decided the VP was more important. Each STG managed only one hit, and if my shot had been at all effective, it would been an even exchange, but the Puma betrayed me and scored one critical hit producing an AMMO EXPLOSION, of course. suddenly the 8-point Tiger was looking pretty weak

Bad news for the SS!

The other end of the fight looked like the OK Corral. Wittman managed a single hit, and the three 9th Panzer tanks and the remaining SS MKIV missed.

Wittman and the Benzin Viehfedder
Hetzered! Damaged MKIV gets bushwacked by Puma

Sad to say, it was looking grim for the SS. So I used blitz plus a double move to send the other MKIV to help defend the suppenkessel. Couldn't quite contest but would at least have a chance against the STGs. Unfortunately I overlooked the Puma, lurking in the lee of a building, who managed to get a close range flank shot (-2 defense dice) after moving twice.

Final agony

The suppenkessel fight saw the combined weight of the Tiger and the reinforcing MKIV kill STG4. It wasn't enough. The Puma's shot nearly destroyed the MKIV and STG IV's final fury finished it off. Meanwhile STG 6 punched the Tiger thanks to no movement, rerolls, and close range - only 4 defensive dice producing 2 neutralized hits vs one critical (lucky hit) and two normal hits.

Meanwhile Wittman's marginal shooting continued, scoring a single hit on the grey MKIV. There was no way for me to prevent a victory, so I resigned.

Hot wash (well, maybe lukewarm, as this is well over 24 hours after the original events)

Quantity has a quality all its own. When playing for objectives, you need enough tanks to cover objectives.

Tigers are not always invincible. Only takes one lucky hit, and a tactical situation that forces them into the open at close range...you get the picture.

Wittman and the nameless Tiger shot very poorly making up for the last game

and, finally, DA's clever tactic preventing flanking moves (-1 defense die) pretty much doomed the SS defense, as did the Hetzering Puma. Should have nailed it early (it moved after the SS tanks, except Wittman),

All of that combined to produce a lopsided outcome. Well done, DA

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